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Can't Call It Feat. J.Cole, Bas, EarthGang & J.I.D (Prod By HollyWood JB)

#Jermaine's Interlude #new #Bas #music #Music
Full Version of "Jermaine's Interlude" also called "Can't Call It" Version is here which features EarthGang, J.I.D, Bas & J.Cole on the hook..
Featured on Spillage Village's "Bears Like This Too Much" Album out December 2nd.
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#Bears Like This Too Much #Can't Call It #earth gang #EarthGang #Spillage Village #Dreamville #J.I.D #J.Cole

Spillage Village photo 1 Can't Call It Feat. J.Cole,... Spillage Village photo 2 Can't Call It Feat. J.Cole,... Spillage Village photo 3 Can't Call It Feat. J.Cole,... Spillage Village photo 4 Can't Call It Feat. J.Cole,...

I heard this maybe about a year ago and only knew who J.Cole was. Now I'm bumping Earth gang and JID more than Cole

by Zale 3 years ago

Cole is building a squad of under dogs, with super talent..

by JusJoexKing 3 years ago

J.Cole lowkey know what he's doing with Dreamville it's insane

by StonieShorrty 3 years ago

i didn't even know there was a full version, damn I'm late af

by New Era 3 years ago

This song would be hot with Andre 3000

by Trey 3 years ago

Dreamville and TDE are the best Labels in rap without a doubt but I would say Dreamville is better.

by Kian Gibson 3 years ago

Cole forming a collective of super M.C's i see. 👀
Might just fuck around create the greatest modern label.

by Desoulate 47 3 years ago

Cozz would kill this beat.

by D0nnn 6 3 years ago

They about to uplift allot of music listeners man I hope they get out there I've been spreading EARTHGANG since I found out about it spread this.

by THE CATCH 4 years ago

yeah this shit is dope, but does anyone understand the message being delivered here? they want society to wake up and realize that fighting amongst ourselves and greed will ultimately lead us to our extinction

by A Magical Mushroom 3 years ago

Cole is Nick Fury and Dreamville are the avengers

by flyboyjes1 1 year ago

I saw who is featured on this track and im like there is no way this song is real. and to make it even better it came out before JID and EARTHGANG really blew up in the community.

by Joshua Reid 1 year ago

This is clear proof dreamville is the only collective that can rival black hippy

by Bronson 2 years ago

Who’s here in 2019 waiting on the revenge of the dreamers 3 album?

by Javon 1 year ago

The original song is called It's Possible by Piero Piccioni (1974)... The 70's is where all these dope ass hip-hop beats come from...

by Nick Allen 3 years ago

Bas killed it yo

by SKC 4 years ago

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