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Exploring a MASSIVE Spanish Supermarket

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What's it like in a Spanish supermarket? It's time to find out! Yoly and I hit one of Madrid's largest supermarkets to explore what we buy and eat in this country. Spanish snacks, jamón, cheese, seafood, drinks, wine, beer, frozen food and even pigs brains! It's all here! Venga, let's go! 🥝
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I always think it's really interesting visiting supermarkets in new countries. It gives you a real insight into the local diet, and the local culture. So Yoly and I decided to dive into the massive supermarket in the outskirts of Madrid to give you guys an insight into what's there. We check out Spanish potato chips, the massive selection of jamón, lots of interesting meats (blood sausage, rabbit, pigs brains and snout and more), cheeses, more cured meats and so much more..
But beyond that, we also dove into the frozen food section to see what we could find (yes, we found frozen paella in Spain!). And we also explored the enormous olive oil section, with everything from normal olive oil, right through to extra virgin olive oil (which is pretty cheap in Spain!).
Hola, Spain lovers! I’m James Blick. Spain is my passion. Its food, culture, history and people. My mission is to show the world the wonders of Spain, and help visitors to this country experience it just like locals. If that sounds like your kind of thing, welcome!
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Spain Revealed - James Blick photo 1 Exploring a MASSIVE Spanish Supermarket Spain Revealed - James Blick photo 2 Exploring a MASSIVE Spanish Supermarket Spain Revealed - James Blick photo 3 Exploring a MASSIVE Spanish Supermarket Spain Revealed - James Blick photo 4 Exploring a MASSIVE Spanish Supermarket

Guys! What's unique about your country's supermarkets? Let us know!

by Spain Revealed 1 year ago

Título alternativo: Guiri va a Carrefour y flipa

by Álvaro Palma 1 year ago

españoles todos los días: que pereza ir al carrefour. españoles viendo el vídeo: ostia tu un carrefour que interesante

by mucleck 8 months ago

Yoli y James, al fin estoy de vuelta en España después de 3 años en Bristol, UK. Me ayudásteis a superar un poquiño más la morriña de vivir en Inglaterra y estar lejos de mi tierra y a pesar de haber regresado sigo al pie del cañón con vuestros vídeos. Me encantáis, cómo molaría pimplarnos una cervecilla algún día. Besazo desde Pirineos

by Lakabra Lamuerte 1 year ago

"Grocery stores are museums of current culture" perfect analogy

by The Wolf 1 year ago

Me parece bastante deprimente la total falta de alioli en este video.

by Xavieret Salva 1 year ago

This is so normal to me but seeing you show us around makes me realize that many things are really only available in Spain

by Soe Diamantis 1 year ago

No vea el guiri como sabe

by El Mecos 1 year ago

I think you missed the cheese section, that's another huge section in Spanish supermarkets, cheese takes a lot of space along with all other dairies (not just UHT milk).

by AgenteSmart 1 year ago

He is 100% right about fuet being addictive lol

by Alicia Plays 1 year ago

Me parto la polla anda por el carrefour como en el amazonas JAJAJAAJA

by Pablo Del rio 1 year ago

Carrefour in fact is a French supermarket, here we have Mercadona

by Adorna Ruiz 1 year ago

Your pronunciation is perfect. A lot of foreigners struggle with the 'j' and the 'rr' but you just nailed it! It's very good to see someone from another country liking spain so much. ¡Un saludo!

by Guillermo Sanchez 1 year ago

Puigdemont cambiando la fideuá en la sección internacional xD

by SHINOVEN 1 year ago

Cola Cao, I remember when I was a small kid in China, this used to be my favorite drink. I didn't know that it came from Spain.

by TheXanian 1 year ago

Si ese hombre sabe la palabra " litrona " esta preparado para que le den la nacionalidad española jajaj

by Marc Miller 1 year ago

Que buena pronunciación de la "J"
Lo malo de las patatas con sabor a huevo frito, es que al final se te queda un sabor como...a pedo...en la boca jajajajaja

by Teobservo 8 months ago

The spanish blood sausage “con aroz” with rice, is incredible. Far better than our british black pudding

by Mission Dan 1 year ago

As a future expat from the US, this is just the kind of cultural information this is real-world invaluable. Thanks

by Keith Lykens 1 year ago

I'm Spanish and I'm laughing at what foreigners think of us 😂

by wakua1 7 months ago

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