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5 Food Myths BUSTED? | FridgeCam

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The internet is full of weird and wonderful food myths. For episode 3 of the FridgeCam show, we're taking on 5 classic food myths and putting them to the test! Check out Ben's Cheese Soup recipe on our Instagram page and the AfterTaste in the link below!.
AfterTaste: http://bit.ly/2fKKqEL
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Who noticed Ben mouthing "I am single" at the end when mike and Barry are talking.

by Nutrella Da Rella 4 years ago

I'm Ben eating out of the freaking blender while all my friends are sharing a tiny bowl.

by lindsey 4 years ago

I can't imagine why, but a study by the British Cheese Board saying that cheese gives you more 'colorful and vivid' dreams just seems a bit suspect to me. lol

by John Maloney 4 years ago

Best part: Ben nodding in the background, "I am single."

by Lilu 4 years ago

IS Ben single? Asking for a friend...

by Yola Jones 4 years ago

Drunk Barry was a pleasantly funny addition

by Charlie Smith 4 years ago

Love how everyone is doing something while my friend James is chillin in the back ground with some chicks. 😂

by Cap Line 1 year ago

Bring back comment of the week or i'll chop my arm off and replace it with cheese

by Nad Noord 4 years ago

So is Mike single? ;)

by renatwin 4 years ago

can we get an episode involving barrys sound effects lol

by Stalwart Shinobi 4 years ago

If there is a British Cheese Board is there a British Cheese Board Board?

by MisterRabbiit 4 years ago

Interesting tidbit for the Carrots part but i recall that the myth was actually a propaganda campaign created by the Allied forces during WWII as, at the time, Night vision technology was not know to have existed...
BUT it did. And the Allies, wanting to keep it a secret, created the myth that they fed their troops Carrots because they were rich in Vitamins that were good for your eyes. This would allow them to "See" in the dark.
The reality however was that they were using this new night vision technology, which the Axis didn't possess at the time.

by Espri 1 year ago

Can we have barry drunk every episode?

by Sam 4 years ago

i'm still so sad that i saw mike in hobbycraft and i didn't say hi :(

by ladyoftheinternet 4 years ago

Please tell me you guys have blackmail footage of Barry being absolutely drunk hidden away somewhere

by Oon-Hui Ng 4 years ago

Ben * mouths * " I am single"
lol seriously tho this fridgecam is a lot different and I can't really judge because this series seems to be one that doesn't have a plan meaning every episode could be entirely different. Still looking forward for future episodes tho. Hope they'll be good

by Greencolouredpeas 4 years ago

Hey, how is Ben's son doing? I miss hearing about him!

by Quintin Gell 4 years ago

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