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among us with REAL proximity chat

#among us but only close people can hear you #among us mod #among us #among us but you can talk #Gaming
among us but you can talk to your crewmates
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Socksfor1 photo 1 among us with REAL proximity... Socksfor1 photo 2 among us with REAL proximity... Socksfor1 photo 3 among us with REAL proximity... Socksfor1 photo 4 among us with REAL proximity...

100 people with proxmity chat LOL

by Socksfor1 15 hours ago

Blaza: "I don't have a knife gun collection, I have a gun collection!"
Shoots Socks
Well, he had a point.

by FunkyFreshYT 10 hours ago

if he ever finishes this series, publish all these mods please we are too stupid to code or find these

by Turtle Boyo / Yellow Ball 14 hours ago

Blaza: That is against the law of god!
Proceeds to murder him

by Soviet Sniper 14 hours ago

‘Jump in the lava’ socks was not a imposter

by Black Wolf 15 hours ago

This is the most dope thing ever
Petition to make this an option in the original game

by CyberNova 14 hours ago



by Dallan Barnum 13 hours ago

Idea: among us but the impostor can do tasks

by LeoGames0117 14 hours ago

I kind of want to see Among Us but you have to vote somebody out everytime. So reporting bodies with lack of info might hurt your chances

by TheNovaGuardian EX 14 hours ago


Socks: Lets make another video about me viscously killing people in Among us

Lol I love his content tho keep it up

by Xpluslegend 14 hours ago

Among Us public lobbies is like:

Red: “Where”
Blue: “Where”
Green: “Not me”
Yellow: “where”
Purple: “where”
Red: “u reported the body purple”
Purple: “red sus”
Red was not the imposter

by 5K Subscribers Challenge 13 hours ago

Socks in the meetings: guys it’s not me
socks in the proximity chat: do you want me to kill you?

by Naturobot P 13 hours ago

This feature eventually should be added to the base game.

by E - Vahn 13 hours ago

Alternate title: Among us cheats but they’re balanced

by TriszyIsDizzy 14 hours ago

Top ten famous last words said before dying :

" YOU - "

by Lyrofil :P 13 hours ago

Alternate Title: Among Us Public Server Simulator

by DeZenT 14 hours ago

Imagine playing then hearing off in the Distance just hearing someone rage bc they died

by Roblox_Aftons 13 hours ago

Depressing he doesnt release these files to anyone else

by Drake Hurley 14 hours ago

Love y'all except the "to the early squad reading this blah blah blah"

by tarij123 14 hours ago

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