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#among us no kill cooldown #among us #among us but the IMPOSTOR CAN WALK THROUGH WALLS #among us but the impostor can walk through walls #Gaming
today the impostor is able to walk through walls
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#among us impostor hacks #among us infinite range #among us socksfor1 #among us new #among us new gamemode #among us impostor can walk through walls #Socksfor1 #among us mods

Socksfor1 photo 1 among us but the IMPOSTOR... Socksfor1 photo 2 among us but the IMPOSTOR... Socksfor1 photo 3 among us but the IMPOSTOR... Socksfor1 photo 4 among us but the IMPOSTOR...

Coin: kicks the wrong person.
socks: about to win...
Sock: Banned For Hacking.

by Un-named 1 19 hours ago

Blaza’s line: “the coin always finds a way” is honestly so iconic at this point I love it

by Emilia Arancibia 11 hours ago

Socks: "I almost pulled off a perfect impostor run."
Socks fans: "Something's wrong here." "I can feel it."

by Dont Read My channel Banner 6 hours ago

Socks : "me and a man with a medical degree"

by pogzen 13 hours ago

Ahahaha you’re craz bro, funny video <3

by TARGET 2 hours ago

Socks: banned for hacking
Blaza: The coin always finds a way!

by Jorm de Worm 20 hours ago

Socks you broke Among Us so much you were banned.

Me: dieing of laughter

by -_Star Queen_- 15 hours ago

Socks why aren’t you talking

Socks:I’m literally the Im- the person trying to talk this whole time

by JM Mar 5 hours ago

Everyone:The coin is wrong
The coin: Uno reverse card

by Redstoneboy 1009 9 hours ago

Idea: Among Us but there’s in infinite report range

Spam this so he can see

Credit to game guide

by Game Guide 14 hours ago

Words of 2020: “me and a man with a medical degree.”—Socks

by Hope Pressley 2 hours ago

Socks, it's crazy seeing how much you've blown up. Been here since you had like 2k subs. This is fun as hell to watch. Been enjoying the Among Us videos

by Brandon Harrington 15 hours ago

Socks: *gonna win*
Anti-cheat: but would if god said no

by Tyler Crandall 12 hours ago

"normal people : hacks"
"socks : ideas"

by SprkR 20 hours ago

Socks: Me and a man with medical degree
Me when I hear Medical Degree: That's probably mEmE

by Dead 14 hours ago

Hackers: hacks
Innersloth: understandable have a great day
Socks: goes through walls
Innersloth: wait that's illegal
Me: visible confusion

by HTMLItaly :V 11 hours ago

It is so unfair that when meme accuses socks for being an imposter no one believes him.
But when socks accuses him even if he is not the imposter all of them just vote him out.

by Sahil Nangare 12 hours ago

Socks: was gonna kill him
Among us: Imaa end this mans whole career

by Aayan Sadique 8 hours ago

Socks: I almost pull off a perfect imposter run
Everyone: Wait that’s illegal

by Theta Sigma 19 hours ago

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