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i spectated the best fortnite player i've ever seen...

SoaR Dylan photo 1 i spectated the best fortnite... SoaR Dylan photo 2 i spectated the best fortnite... SoaR Dylan photo 3 i spectated the best fortnite... SoaR Dylan photo 4 i spectated the best fortnite...

Title: I spectated the best player in the game. Thumbnail: Faze dubs barely blurred out

by FearBtw 1 months ago

Hope everyones having a great day

by Shadow King 1 months ago

When ur late and people are commenting“WhEn uR sO EaRly BoTs ArE CoMMEnTiNg”WhOs A TrUe FaN Of DyLaN” 😂

by 1k With No Videos Challenge 1 months ago

This is my first time watching him and my first thoughts is about him looking like justin bieber

by VGC_Psycho 1 months ago

im guessing he stood still because he thought he was gonna die
i do that too

by Smh_Geko 1 months ago

Me reading title :.......

Also me thinking how can he spectate hisself

by Just Bones 3 weeks ago

Dylan: he on controller how could he leave the drum gun
the guy he spectating: cuz pc player got it nerf by 75%

by skullppanda 123 1 months ago

That first soccer skin was the worst soccer skin I’ve ever seen like if you agree

by Asher Adams 1 days ago

No lie but dylans hair do be looking fresh THEN ME: i have no hair 😭

by clix 1 months ago

When your playing one shot and you hit a blank. "Hearts been broke so many times I.

by Lock L2 Clan 1 months ago



by Melvin Tabue 1 months ago

Imagine if Dylan watched my montage I will give him all my luck, I hope it happens its worth a try😁

by NotFakes 1 months ago

Start of game
“Ayyy hunting rifles
And even a sub

End: “my loot is trash what can I doo?!


by ZakirHD-Gaming 1 months ago

When you go to the comments and all u see is “guys is Fortnite still fun if u want unlimited v bucks go to...

by Kerolos Beshy 1 months ago

Imagine Dylan reacted to my song random random probably about ten percent of gonna happen (hope he does actually react to my song)

by Fortnitepro2k11 1 months ago

To whoever reads this, have a great day, know that you are loved and stay safe❤️

by Its _WolfiiYT 1 months ago

To whoever sees this I wish you to be safe and healthy. God bless 🙏

by Viyz 1 months ago

heres how much times Dylan said, "what am I watching?"

by Fishy Syncz 1 months ago

imagine he reacts to my montage, im subbed to him with notis and i use his code, if u see this, ur the g dylan

by 23 Mil Plan 1 months ago

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