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The Last of Us 2 - Aggressive Stealth Gameplay - Hillcrest: Ellie - Survivor (PS4 PRO)

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Chapter: Seattle Day 2
Encounters, - Streets (No HUD for immersion testing)
- Houses
Challenge: Survivor+
- Player: Survivor+
- Enemies: Survivor+
- Allies: Survivor+
- Stealth: Survivor+
- Resources: Survivor+
To gather resources for these encounters the previous chapters were played on Very Light..
Thank you for 100K Subcribers! Will be doing a face reveal soon on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SmvR_4
Elgato HD60 PRO
Dualshock 4 (no attachments)
Look: 10
Aim: 4
Aim Assist: 10
Target lock-on: OFF

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SmvR photo 1 The Last of Us 2... SmvR photo 2 The Last of Us 2... SmvR photo 3 The Last of Us 2... SmvR photo 4 The Last of Us 2...

You must be on moderate, bcs Iโ€™m playing survivor+ and if I fart in my room the WLF hear me thru the TV

by R Sh 2 months ago

When you have someone as good as this person, it makes it plausible and realistic that Ellie could take down 30 people by herself.

by TheGuy 2 months ago

Imaging surviving 20 years of zombie apocalypse just to get killed by a girl and some bottle

by The guy from 2021 2 months ago

See guys the E3 gameplay footage wasnโ€™t lying. Weโ€™re just not good at the game.

by Liam Ross 2 months ago

You: play the game cinematically using both environment and full arsenal of weapons and abilities like creators envision

99% of us: wait and kill all enemies in the same corner.

by LiiChinHo 2 months ago

You're not playing this level on "survivor" difficulty, the WLF are.

by Tony Tan 2 months ago

This guy must have played through this area a lot itโ€™s like he knows exactly where to place his traps ๐Ÿ˜‚

by KINGJOSHTHESAUCEGOD 15 2 months ago

Moist Meter review: "no significant changes to the combat"

This guy: "did you even play the game dude?"

by Michael Dahle 2 months ago

Random enemy: "I know you're out there!!"


by God Of Squirrels 2 months ago

I didnโ€™t know if there was an animation takedown for landing on someone so I hesitated on jumping on people

by goon2Agoblin 2 months ago

Imagine if this was the Ellie in the boss fight

by kitten is a cat 2 months ago

Druckmann: Youโ€™re gonna have to kill some puppers to progress.

Gamers: Sacrifices will be made to attain platinum.

by Owliare 2 months ago

man I'd sacrifice my first child to be able to play like this, it takes me about 20 minutes just to aim directly at someone's head.

by oneluv66 2 months ago

, I am playing this game a second time on survivor+ and I still didn't know that was even possible after these hours. Damm the last of us part II is good

by kaljamaha16 2 months ago

I didnโ€™t even know you could DO that!

by charlieblade 2 months ago

This guy playing like Ellie lived here for a couple years ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Nick Barrie 2 months ago

Anyone else have โ€œTake on meโ€ in their head during this?

by fuzz428 2 months ago

I did a brutal execution on a guy in front of Dina and her reaction was in such disgust I felt compelled to restart the level in case Ellie's corroding humanity had an effect on the outcome of the game. Goes way beyond Ellie saying "holy shit" to Joel in the first game.

by welcum2mywurldtv 2 months ago

Ellie: eats pills and drugs.

*silencers/suppressors*: guess I'd double my lifespan.

by It'sFilthyFrampt 2 months ago

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