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Smokepurpp - Chopstix (Official Music Video)

smokepurpp photo 1 Smokepurpp - Chopstix (Official Music... smokepurpp photo 2 Smokepurpp - Chopstix (Official Music... smokepurpp photo 3 Smokepurpp - Chopstix (Official Music... smokepurpp photo 4 Smokepurpp - Chopstix (Official Music...


by smokepurpp 1 months ago

This album is crazy 🥵

by Lil Adapt 1 months ago

The only rapper who knows how to make music like when he started

by Membrives 1 months ago

Who cares how the album performed, every single song on this album was fire, I will always support Purp.

by Blake YT 1 months ago

Smokepurpp is too underrated. He needs his own "Gucci gang"

by King NBA 1 months ago

Im pretty sure we can all make one thing clear


by Emmanuel Ogunfuyi 1 months ago

Who is here after he sold 5k in a week😭

by Jeremiah O 1 months ago

Lil Mosey went from TIK TOK to Trap Trap real quick😤

by Mowgle Beats 1 months ago

When's he gonna get the recognition he deserves lol his marketing team isn't doing too well

by Pizzahutgoodies 1 months ago

Smokepurp slept on like a MF! Only reason this aint got 1m+ views is cuz purpp aint just usin Authenticviews com to get his views up to go viral like all them other artists be doin these days..

by Kitty Lillian 1 months ago

This album is a hidden gem that most will sleep on and then those same sleepy fools will try to tell us how good it is down the road.

by Riya And Ray Play 1 months ago

DAMN this was one of the freestyles from the 40 mins of fire

by MARV 2 weeks ago

Editor: How many effects do you want?

Smokepurpp: Yes

by Migueel_x 1 months ago

If you are a fan ofsmokepurrp , type in “ THANKFUL by ALPHA MARTIN “ you will NOT regret it..

by TealLightDistrict 1 months ago

Smokepurrp literally the only rapper I still care about in 2020.

by Jake L 1 months ago

New music by Smokepurpp

No one:

Russians: Free country let’s go!

by LPP 1 months ago

Lil mosey wtf he's doing here 😂

by Hadi Guess 1 months ago

Давайте докажем что русские тоже слушают пёрпа, лайки в студию

by Igor Ignatenko 1 months ago

we aint finna talk about how he used this from his freestyle from Tim westwood?

by Mango 3 days ago

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