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Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea - Petr Cech, Ashley Cole & Branislav Ivanovic post-match interview

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Petr Cech, Ashley Cole & Branislav Ivanovic after Chelsea drew 2-2 with Barcelona. The result secured Chelsea's placed in the 2012 Champions League Final..
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Alternate Title: Shreeves attempts to make a grown man cry on national television.

by Michael O'Connor 5 days ago

Geoff ruined Ivanovic's night😅😅

by Brendan 5 days ago

Ivanovic face when he realise he can’t play in the final. Absolutely priceless 😂

by Glen Opoku 5 days ago

Ramires was a beast in this Game. The most underrated player in a Chelsea shirt ever

by Jack Webb 5 days ago

Geoff goes around peoples homes to announce that their dog is dead, whether they own a pet or not.

by A M 5 days ago

Iva: already knows he's suspended for the final
Shreeves: "you know that means you're out of the final"
Iva: 😐 "yes"
Shreeves: "so you can't play in the final, probably a childhood dream of yours, taken away?"

by blocktopic 5 days ago

Now his current team just beat his former team 5-2

by PrometheusTV 5 days ago

The mentality of that team was insane.
"It is the last roar of Jose Mourinho's Chelsea"
-Martin Tyler , 19 May 2012

by yky 565 5 days ago

Iconic players in Chelsea. What a team it was 😄

by Hasib Raiyan 5 days ago

Ashley Cole’s expression at says it all

by Nicholas Y. 5 days ago

Shreeves: Is your dog the brown one?
Ivanovic: Yes that’s my dog
Shreeves: It got run over
Ivanovic: .....
Shreeves: This means your dog is dead
Ivanovic: ........
Shreeves: How was work today?

by Pique Luhg 4 days ago

Next Jussi Jääskeläinen diuble penalty save

by Karjutukki 4 days ago

Ivanovic: 😀

"You're not gonna play in the final"

Ivanovic: 😦

by syazwan S. 1 day ago

Miss those Adidas Samsung days 😭😭😭

by Aymaan .T 3 days ago

This Chelsea FC was underdogs in 2011/2012 when it comes to UEFA champions league because they were poor in league from the beginning of the season, even at one stage Napoli could had knocked out Chelsea FC but they turned it around thanks to Roberto Di Matteo and the players who worked hard that season to finally winning the holy grail of football.

by Anto Erickson 4 days ago

Calm down lads it's quarter finals not the semis. Running out of ideas?

by A Y 5 days ago

Shreeves doing that is disgusting. He's such a horrible man.

by martin r 5 days ago

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