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"He doesn't like the goalkeeper, he wants him out!" | Gary Neville on Lampard's Kepa issues

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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher discuss Frank Lampard's comments on Kepa Arrizabalaga's future at Chelsea, analyse his performance against Brighton and speculate on who could replace him.
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Kepa will probably sell Lampard in the next transfer period

by Tan Zolo 2 months ago

Gary 'at this moment in time' Neville

by Thomas Wood 2 months ago

I don't think an assistant manager can push a manager out of the club!

by HIMANSHU SONI 2 months ago

“He wants him out”, Gary we need to ask manager Kepa about that first

by Pandurang Gireesh 2 months ago

Who’s watching this after kepa’s beautiful assist to mane 5 days later

by Macca 2 months ago

No way is Kepa leaving Chelsea! He's not going to sack himself is he 🤣

by Ross 2 months ago

Kepa needs to leave for Spain he is a decent keeper but atm Chelsea isn't the right place for him he should go back to Spain for the betterment of his career and the club.

by Lewandowski's Memes 2 months ago

never liked that kid since he took the piss out of Sarri that time!

by A N 2 months ago

Kepa's the only PL player who will never go in to quarantine cos he can't catch the virus.

by light walker 2 months ago

Everyone's talking about the goal he let in, but not about the two punches he totally missed. I've wanted him out since he refused to be subbed off, the brat.

by Jakob 2 months ago

Its usually around this time when De Gea takes the spotlight back by making an even bigger blunder

by Rossa4 2 months ago

Neville: you dare to talk about deGea? let me bring up karius.
Carraghar: ouch that hurt 😂

by Pramod Hegde 2 months ago

Lampard : there are no talks for a new keeper

Fabrizio Romano : you bluffing me?

by Arush R Thomas 2 months ago

Kepa brought negative media on himself the day he refused to be substituted. He brought unnecessary attention to his performance...and media loves that

by Man033791 2 months ago

Jamies accent gets more aggressive every year.

by N R 2 months ago

How on earth did Chelsea even finish in the top 4 last season with this guy as their keeper!!

PS : Feel bad for Kepa though

by Anthony Moses 2 months ago

33 appearances and conceding 47 goals? How is that possible for a premier league goalkeeper?

by mike oxlong 2 months ago

Kepa: im going to end this guys whole career


by Staunch Davie 2 months ago

i cant believe im still seeing “kepa is a manager” joke in the comments section in 2020......

by CovertYogurt 2 months ago

Lampard: Kepa I’m selling you please leave the club


by G30RG3 PARK3R 2 months ago

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