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'The corpse that is Joe Biden' gets 'tuckered out' after a day off: Murray

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Sky News host Paul Murray says the “corpse that is Joe Biden” is trying to do the virtual campaign where he gets “tuckered out after a day off”.
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was asked very directly, “if you don’t want Trump to put somebody on the Supreme Court, could you tell me who you think should go on Supreme Court,” Mr Murray said..
“His answer: I’m not telling.”.
When asked if voters should know who he would vote for, Mr Biden responded “no they won’t”..
“But they will if I’m elected," Mr Biden said..
Mr Murray commented, “this bloke looks like he’s going for a job in the ministry of Daniel Andrews."


Sky News Australia photo 1 'The corpse that is Joe... Sky News Australia photo 2 'The corpse that is Joe... Sky News Australia photo 3 'The corpse that is Joe... Sky News Australia photo 4 'The corpse that is Joe...

That awkward moment when Americans have to go to Australian media outlets to have a more fair representation of American politics.

by jack jon 2 weeks ago

You cover US politics more honestly and interestingly
than our own media. Thanx!

by Trophallaxis 1 week ago

Biden doesn't have a plan. All he has is lame excuses for 47 years of failure.

by Nucc3 1 week ago

These Australians sound more American, than many people I know...it's friggin amazing! I love them for that.

by Dennis Pfeifer 2 weeks ago

When Americans go to Sky News Australia for real news about their own new you know something is up.

by Shari Burkowske 2 weeks ago

It is unthinkable that sleepy creepy Joe gets into office. The US will be finished and the west will follow them down the drain

by Dominic Fastbender 1 week ago

Hey everyone, I'm Joe Bidens husband, Joe Biden, and I'm running for... You know... The.... The thing.

by Coloure 1 week ago

If Jill actually loved her husband more than power, she would let him retire with Some Dignity! She’s heartless!

by L C 1 week ago

Sloppy Joe is fading fast. BIDEN FOR NURSING HOME 2020!

by YowzaBowzaWowza 1 week ago

Every time they ask him a question, he doesn't ever answer but starts on Trump!

by GPI3 2 weeks ago

You guys aren't even American and you love Trump. A Wise People...

by Brother Chris rco 1 week ago

Biden is hateful especially when he doesn't like the question.

by Lela Eber 2 weeks ago

Its such a relief to see what we have other countries who see what our media is doing to Trump! Thank you and pass it along to the world!!!

by Jeanie Coudriet 1 week ago

The Only Transparency in the Biden Campaign is Joe Biden's Dementia.

by Allyn Alama 2 weeks ago

Why is Biden wearing a mask when he's doing a virtual campaign? To stop the body language people from seeing that he's lying maybe?

by BBB 1 week ago

Joe Biden’s not gonna do anything he’s a scared little crackhead

by Trevor Griese 1 week ago


by Mark Mako Waits 1 week ago

Just LOVE the way Trump spits out the word "CHINA" with bitter venom. An OSCAR as well as Nobel Peace Prize should be his.

by Ian Smith 2 weeks ago

Don’t you worry my friend America is showing up on November 3rd for Trump

by MY95 Jeff Chandler 2 weeks ago

Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe is a trojan horse with over 45 years of failure

by elhuero69 2 weeks ago

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