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‘Sleepy Joe Biden’ goes missing on RBG death

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The now vacant US Supreme Court seat is expected to be one of the most critical issues in the upcoming November election, but there’s been no word from “Sleepy Joe,” according to Sky News host James Morrow.
Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg died over the weekend aged 87 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.
President Donald Trump praised the progressive icon upon hearing the news of her death after a campaign rally.
The vacant seat is set to become a massive political battle, as the President has already indicated he intends to nominate a replacement merely six weeks before the election.
Mr Morrow said the Democrats are performing poorly on this burgeoning issue highlighted by the contrast in reactions by the two candidates.
“We haven’t heard anything from Sleepy Joe,” he said.
“While Trump is out their giving rallies and talking about this, the day after RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg) dies … Biden was having the day off.
“They’ve got a candidate who can’t do a full day’s campaigning when they’ve got this huge issue that they’re about to have a big fight on.”


Sky News Australia photo 1 ‘Sleepy Joe Biden’ goes missing... Sky News Australia photo 2 ‘Sleepy Joe Biden’ goes missing... Sky News Australia photo 3 ‘Sleepy Joe Biden’ goes missing... Sky News Australia photo 4 ‘Sleepy Joe Biden’ goes missing...

Media in America is so vile....true ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

by Libsnuts 1 month ago

As an American...Thank you Australia, for significantly better reporting than we have.

by Chloe Stevenson 1 month ago

The media in the USA is corrupt and a part of the SWAMP.

by reekashade 1 month ago

The American news is unbelievably biased and spews false news regularly.

by Middy Wekesa 1 month ago

The US no longer has a media, only hit squads for the Globalists

by Klaus Fischer 1 month ago

That guy doing sign language must have had an extremely hard time, knowing that Biden kept stumbling over his own words!

by revacohen 1 month ago

Sky News Australia is far better than Sky News UK.

by Isaac 1 month ago

"This is how low the US media is" - See that MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS?? The whole world sees you for what you are! lol

by Phillip Buster 1 month ago

It's embarrassing that the Australian news is far more honest than our own mainstream media here in the US.

by Angela's Amusements 1 month ago

Funny how these folks see how biased our media is. Biden had a day off, probably napping in his basement

by Joe majarucon 1 month ago

I thought it was very big of President Trump to speak positive about RBG despite her dislike for him.

by Anita Mooreland-Simms 1 month ago

The Democrats are already talking about how they are going to react WHEN Trump steals the election.

by Jim Foreman 1 month ago

The media in the USA is corrupt and a part of the SWAMP.

by kolim jone 1 month ago

you just got me as a subscriber..this news segment was TOOOOOO honest hahahah love it... perfect.. if only the media here was as honest as you're being down in Australia !!!

by dutchsinse 1 month ago

Why am I getting better news from Australia than in the U.S.

by zartech 1 month ago

Ty, for being honest about my President, WeThePeople who elected him love him and will re-elect him.

by Lisa Kolanek 1 month ago

As an American fed up with the anti-Trump "news", SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA is where I come for news and opinion

by bocoy noiu 1 month ago

When you have to tune into news on the other side of the world to see what is actually happening in my own country. TRUMP 2020

by ItsAllAboutBrandon 1 month ago

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