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25 Insane 200 IQ Among Us Tips to Always Win

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25 Insane 200 IQ Among Us Tips to Always Win! Among Us is a game all about strategy, so today we're going over 25 of the most insane tips and tricks to help you win your first game of among us, as well as your 100th game as impostor. Among Us requires masterful deception in the impostor gameplay and big brain plays as the crewmate, so these are 25 among us tips you might not know, and how to use them to win a game of among us. Skip the Tutorial is ready to show even more ways to win against your friends in this 300 iq among us strategy video!
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He says You’ll always win with these tips, but he forgot the power of...

by Donut Boi 4 weeks ago

Biggest crewmate advantage ever:
“If not him then vote me”

by Viella 2 weeks ago

Me every time I go to electrical: I’m gonna die

by Boba after 3 weeks ago

the worst feeling,when we become the imposter and everyone leaves

by ishita GAMER 2 weeks ago

Not me writing this stuff in my note book:


by Princess 2 weeks ago

Someone in a lobby: Picks the red color
Literally everyone else: You know the rules, and so do I

by Louay Hakmaoui 2 weeks ago

who else is going to forget basically every single one of these tips

by Rebecca Richards 2 weeks ago

Huge tip: don't ever try to sabotage beside a vent!!

by Robert 3 weeks ago

Crewmate : Vote Blue out!
Me the impostor knowing that blue is innocent : Don’t mind if I do

Crewmate : Vote Green out!
Me the impostor knowing that green is the other impostor : pRoOf?

by frzsri 2 weeks ago

Things people do in among us I hate:

-leave when they are not the imposter
-call emergency meetings and don’t say anything
-don’t say gg after a match
-take forever to vote
-set kill cool down to above 35s
-set player speed too low
-set player speed too high
-are quick to point fingers

by Meme Mania 3 weeks ago

“If 2 people are together they are imposter”

Me: so I can’t stay with the guy who scanned for safety

by Wowsuchgoodcontentihave 2 weeks ago

I once killed someone in security , They Accused me , So i said "i wasnt in security , I didnt kill him" I knew i friked up because how would i know where the corpse even thought they hadnt tell the location , I left because it was so akward

by Icopypasteverything 2 weeks ago

“It’s very hard to be killed in a group”
Me: *go with a group*
The two imposters in the group: 😝😝😝

by Peony Gacha 2 weeks ago

When either impostor or crewmate, use phrases such as “I Think”, “I can’t be sure”, or “Maybe”. It’ll make others less suspicious, and is better than just accusing.

by DKCreeperCraft 2 weeks ago

Me:*Goes into electric and the doors close*
Also me: haha I’m in danger

by Alpha_ Wolfie 1 week ago

“To win in among us its entirely decided by the high iQ plays you pull off”
Crewmates in public server: Wow! This is worthless!

by MrBmoore2010 1 week ago

Him:Always make trust
Public server:hE wAS FOllOwInG mE hE Is SUS

by Hungry Pufferfish 1 week ago

When dead body reported..
When meeting called...
When in the lobby...

by YD EXTREME 3 weeks ago

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