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23 Illegal Things to (Never) Do in Among Us

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23 Illegal Things to (Never) Do in Among Us! Among Us is a game all about deceiving your friends to take the win, or teaming up against a pro impostor. However, not everyone can be Disguised Toast pulling off 200 IQ impostor negotiation plays, so these are the -100 IQ smooth brain plays that you should absolutely avoid. We've done 37 illegal things to never do in Minecraft, so this is 23 illegal things to never do in among us as the impostor or the crewmates. Let's find out the worst plays and stay away from the "don'ts" of Among Us in this Skip the Tutorial video!
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24: Call emergency meeting 10 seconds into the game.

by TMP5 3 months ago

26 : never reveal other imposter when you have been voted out.

by AnimationOST 2 months ago

The stupidest Lines in among us:

"It wasn't me, I was in vent"

Yellow: "Guys, yellow is kinda sus" *Votes himself out

"Guys are the people with red names the bad people?"

by Gacha News 2 months ago

Blue: "where"
Green: "its blue"
Blue: starts to type out where he's been

Black has voted
Purple has voted
Yellow has voted
Lime has voted
White has voted
Brown has voted
Cyan has voted
Orange has voted

.    。    •   ゚  。   .

   .      .     。   。 .  

.   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •

  ゚   blue was not An Impostor.  。 .

  '    1 Impostor remains     。

  ゚   .   . ,    .  .

by arlene guerra 2 months ago

does tasks by myself
“Ur sus, why are u always staying away from people?”
does tasks in a group
“Ur sus, why do u keep following me?”

by Rosethorn 1 month ago

24: being a complete scumbag and saying “red killed my friend I’m in a call with him”

by sけl 3 months ago

Tip: You can still self-report later if the body hasn’t been discovered.

by Viella 2 months ago

I told them "ITS ORANGE"

They saw me kill
And they believed me

by BrokenManyYearsAgo 2 months ago

%99 of a downloading task and an emergency.
emergency after 0.001 seconds when you complete download task.

by T_h_e__e_n_d 2 months ago

How annoying is it when you kill someone next to a vent then you go on the vent but instead of venting you accidentally self report ;-;

by XxWillow_The_WolfxX 2 months ago

"Do your electrical tasks first"

I always do mine first and get killed first.

by ChocolatePorter 2 months ago

Cremates when I’m Crewmate: 🤪
Cremates when I’m imposter: 👩🏼‍🏫

by AlwaysAlexa :3 2 months ago


by Tyler N 1 month ago

Another one: forcing everyone to wait during meetings bc you’re getting voted out

by Dabdab The third 2 months ago

24 : DONT EVER play with your friends over the phone or discord and when your friend gets killed and they tell you who the murder is and call them out, it’s annoying and unfair and just generally a nuisance it makes the game unfun, sure you can play with your friends just don’t tell them who did it when you get killed. It’s annoying and stupid

by BlueJay 3 months ago

Me: self reports body
Also me: where
Other players: you literally reported it

by Aiden Hobbs 1 month ago

Red: It was blue, I saw him kill pink in cams.

Red was not the imposter

by The Cuber 2 months ago

The dumbest thing I ever saw someone do was this:
The first round just started, but someone called an emergency meaning immediately.
This is how the conversation went (forget the colors so I just did random)
Red: ???
Green: Huh?
Blue(who called the meeting): Why is my name red??
And you can guess what happened next....
Blue was An Impostor

by Gacha•Brøwnie 2 months ago

More illegal things:
Ghosts telling crewmates who the impostor is on discord
Telling who your fellow impostor is when you get voted out
Hacking to win

Edit: By the second one I mean that if you’re impostor and everyone else is voting you out and before getting ejected you tell them who the other impostor is. Meaning: you’re betraying your fellow impostor.

by Ann 394 2 months ago

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