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Skeppy vs BadBoyHalo MOST SECRET House Battle! - Minecraft

Skeppy photo 1 Skeppy vs BadBoyHalo MOST SECRET... Skeppy photo 2 Skeppy vs BadBoyHalo MOST SECRET... Skeppy photo 3 Skeppy vs BadBoyHalo MOST SECRET... Skeppy photo 4 Skeppy vs BadBoyHalo MOST SECRET...

We all know that the time limit is: When Skeppy finishes

by Godly Gamer 2 months ago

Everyone: Talking about how Skeppy was stupid bcs he decorated the outside of his secret house

Is no one going to talk about:

Bbh: Put sign saying "there's nothing here go away"

by Rapozin e Shade ÙwÚ 1 month ago

the fact that skeppy had the choice to edit out the “ my boyfriend” part.. yet he still left it in

by destinyy 1 month ago

“Up here to spy on my best bald boyfriend.”

-Skeppy 2020

by GamingWithMaxYT 1 month ago

Skeppy: "This is the most secret entrance ever!"

MumboJumbo: "Hold my hidden redstone torch key"

by Trimpsuz 2 months ago

bbh clearly wins and he is the purest soul ever

by clover ebbott 2 months ago

I like how Skeppy was supposed to make a secret house but instead he made a secret place to spy on his "best bald boyfriend" XD

by Lazytea래지티 1 month ago

"Am I hot? Am I close?"
Me: huh?
Frend: yEs

by Quince Cat 2 months ago

bbh: actually trying
skep: spying hole to see bbh

by -cutiexo- 1 month ago

BBH: Actually tries to make a secret base

Skeppy: He'll never expect W A T E R

by ZeroGgamer 2 months ago

What they were supposed to do: build ONE secret house
What they did: builds a secret house in a secret room inside a secter house inside a cave inside a painting room inside a secret cave inside a secret house inside another cave

by Ahmed Hasan Khuwaja 2 months ago

If bbh worked for the army

General: I need to make as top secret military base

Bbh: just hide it in PAINTINGS

by human_bean62 1 month ago

did Skeppy try to power glow stone with a red stone block?

by SnipeDaTiger02 1 month ago

Bad’s Base: * my plans *
Skeppy’s base: * what I would build *

by amxly 1 month ago

I like how the comments were supposed to vote who won but they are all talking about the boyfriend thing🤣

by Henry meyer 2 months ago

The “ oh u wanna get in the bedroom do u” sounded a bit sus😂

by MADCHILD 709 2 months ago

Skeppy:comments vote
Comments:we dont do that here

by david 1 month ago

I like how BadBoyHalo builds. Thinks. And acts. He’s a good man

by Comrade Toobz 1 month ago

Me:*sees they are in 1.16*
Also me:impossible.

by Beyblade 77 2 months ago

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