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Max’s-Style Fried Chicken, SIMPOL!

Curious ba kayo kung paano iluto ang inyong favorite fried chicken? Pwede niyo na ngayong ma-achieve sa inyong mga bahay ang very #Simpol version natin ng crispy and juicy Max’s-Style Fried Chicken!🍗
Ingredients, 3 chicken leg quarters
Cooking Oil for frying
Mariande ( at least an hour)
6 tbsp. Datu Puti Patis
4 tbsp. calamansi juice
Poaching liquid
4 cloves garlic
1 pc. quartered onion
3 pcs. bay leaves
Cracked black pepper
Dipping Sauce, 3 tbsp. Jufran Banana Ketchup
2 tbsp. Old English Worcestershire Sauce
1 tbsp. Jufran Hot Sauce
Side, Sweet Potato Fries
Meat: Fresh Options Meatshop
Cookware: Masflex Cookware

Simpol photo 1 Max’s-Style Fried Chicken, SIMPOL! Simpol photo 2 Max’s-Style Fried Chicken, SIMPOL! Simpol photo 3 Max’s-Style Fried Chicken, SIMPOL! Simpol photo 4 Max’s-Style Fried Chicken, SIMPOL!

Tamang-tama to, dami sa relief goods ng manok...😂. Nice vid sir.

by BoogieMan Gates 6 months ago

FYI, siya yung nagsasalita sa NEFLIX STREET FOOD ASIA for Philippines. Ang galing nya!

by Kassandrei Roldan 5 months ago

I've tried this, and my husband and daughter really loved the juicy chicken. I followed all Chef's tips, the result was really amazing! Thank you, Chef!

by Amor Artiola 5 months ago

Thank you for this very SIMPOL recipe, Chef!!! We tried your recipe last night and I therefore conclude that it’s the most juicy & the most tasty fried chicken that we’ve ever cooked in the house. ❤

Maraming salamat, Chef!!!


by Christine Ang-og 4 months ago

Hello chef, thanks for sharing your tecipe...try natin next time recipe for tender beef tapa and beef with broccoli, thanks 🙏 and more power👍

by Angel Nuevo 6 months ago

Tried this, followed the recipe, and viola! Thank you chef! My wife and daughter loved it so much! Simpol!

P.s. Mas okay nga sya pag may calamansi!

by areztherr jovir Fuentes 5 months ago

Ive’d tried this yesterday...supperrrr Yummy. Tomorrow,yung Chicken Casserole naman..yeeyyy!!!salamat po..

by AyeGamerTechVillalas YT 5 months ago

Sir di ako marunong magluto pero dahil sa video nyo ginanahan ako matuto. Sa dami ng cooking channels, there's something cool about how you present the recipes and cooking method, may talino yung pamamaraan mo. You deserve more subscribers and hopefully sponsorships in the future. Simpol!

by Juan Tamad 5 months ago

Thank you for this vid!looks delicious...gotta try this next week😍😍

by Klyferwei2012 6 months ago

i tried it and masarap talaga...

add ko lang, yung pinagpakuluan ng manok nilagyan ko ng luya and dahon ng malunggay tapos ginawa kong sabaw.. masarap na masustansiya pa.

by ralph umali 6 months ago

Wow, great! Thank you Simpol for inspiring me to continue doing my channel!

by sweetieshoppe 08 5 months ago

thank you chef! ❤️ this was the first recipe that i've tried.. nagustuhan ng mother in law and husband ko! thank you very much! 😍 next time i will try your sizzling tofu and lumpianada!

by diane reyes 3 months ago

Ginawa ko to once...feeling Master Chef ako after maluto😁 thanks Idol Chef sa recipe nato...Bangis! From Jakarta

by Erwin Dacuan Ragadio 5 months ago

Tried this n family Luv it! Super sarap! Thank u for d recipe!!❤️

by Bhay Pedraza 5 months ago

Grabe!!! I tried it and so sarap, so crunchy, i will cook again!! God bless chef.

by Rowena Magbual 5 months ago

Thank you to your great instructions i did this today ! The heck its so good the juiciness is really there ❤💕

by Jayson Velasco 5 months ago

Thank you! I tried this today and it’s delicious!

by Anna Lacson 4 months ago

I can't wait to try this Max fried chicken, reminiscing my college days In Manila..so many moons back!. thanks my dear Chef,keep safe and thanks for being an inspiration!!! Daghan salamat !!!

by Maria Alon-Logan 3 months ago

Hi my friend I’m here done fully watched ang galing ng luto mo good presentation hope you can come to my house dear see you

by Brenda Baclig Sol 5 months ago

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