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How Many Weighted Blankets Until I Can't Get Up?

#blankets #polish mountain #weight #beauty tutorial #Entertainment
Will this challenge relieve my quarantine anxiety? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
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Simply Nailogical photo 1 How Many Weighted Blankets Until... Simply Nailogical photo 2 How Many Weighted Blankets Until... Simply Nailogical photo 3 How Many Weighted Blankets Until... Simply Nailogical photo 4 How Many Weighted Blankets Until...

Ben calling Cristine dear is the most wholesome thing ever

by Bo 2 days ago

this is how her nails feel when she puts on a top coat after every coat of nail polish 😳

by rabbitangel 4 days ago

Cristine: "reduces anxiety"
Me: intrigued
Also Cristine: "like a boyfriend"
Me: deal!

by Grace Fisher 3 days ago

“Don’t have 14 weighted blankets” sits here with fifteen weighted blankets around my household

by ÇoÕkĮe BiŚcÛiT 2 days ago

When she didn’t post last week I thought wow she must be working on a very important video. I was right.

by KDR 6 days ago

Are we just going to ignore the fact she said “that’s pretty pricey for something that just lays on top of you and does absolutely nothing... kind of like my boyfriend” LOL

by aracely garcia 4 days ago

Fun Fact Nobody Asked For: That drawing of the man getting stoned to death is from the witch trials in Salem. Giles Corey was asked if he had any final words and he said "More weight!"

by Miss0ceanEyes 3 days ago

“Weighted blankets are blankets”

Ah yes. The blanket here is made of blanket

by Mir 2 days ago

Alternate title: Ben tucks Cristine in for 15 minutes

by Brick Wall 6 days ago

“According to research, weighted blankets help reduce anxiety.”

Also Cristine: HELP!

by Unknown•_• Potato 2 days ago

Ok so basically it’s
“Cristine gets tucked in to bed until she suffocates”

by Jessinya 2 days ago

She should do this again, but folding them in half, its should be harder because her upper body would have twice as much weight on it

by Erika EV 3 days ago

Mr. Beast next month: “will my friends’ organs survive 100 weighted blankets ??!!”

by Natalie Dukes 3 days ago

With Jenna Marbles no longer on YT, this is the quality content I’ve been missing in my life.

by Romidee 6 days ago

Cristine’s laugh just showed how much she’s suffering under those weighted blanket 😂😂 i never heard her laughing like that before.....btw can we talk about how every influencer is using northfy to grow on yt and ig

by jesonsjd10 3 days ago

Cristine. Our emotional weighted blanket in absence of Jenna.

by Jessica Ahrens 3 days ago

Normal people: oh science
Fans of simply: oh fun
Kidnappers: hmmm interesting

by Lelia 2 days ago

Cristine: a weighted blanket is a blanket-

by signe palenius 3 days ago

Cristine: "You don't have fourteen weighted blankets at home"


by Joy M 4 days ago

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