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Rep.Jim Jordan R-Ohio drills Dr. Anthony Fauci

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During a hearing of the COVID-19 virus, Representative Jim Jordan R-Ohio questioned Dr Fauci if protest gatherings increased the spread of the virus. Dr Fauci refused several times to give a direct answer, giving only a generalized comment referencing crowd gatherings.
Fauci, a man with a college degree, worked through the HIV/AIDS epidemic suddenly is having a brain fart, not knowing what limiting protesters mean, also claiming limiting the protests is not "relevant."
Rep. Jordan did not ask Fauci to "favor" any group over another. He simply wanted an answer to his original question, "should we limit protests," being they gather in large groups, close together. Dr Fauci was deflecting the question.
Dr Fauci then uses the word "opine," meaning, giving his opinion; which in his case would be a "professional" opinion. He refers to not giving his opinion as to limiting any group, BUT during the beginning of the breakout he did recommend shutdown of "non-essential" businesses.
Fauci also claimed it wasn't inconsistent to criminally charge a small business for running his business, while places like casinos can have their businesses opened for people to play the machines, touching, grabbing, pulling levers, handling chips etc.; or to have large gatherings of protests (peaceful or not), without being criminally charged.
Dr Fauci then proceed to claim he has no scientific evidence of large gatherings of protests can spread the virus, yet he will state large crowds can do so when people don't take proper protective procedures (wearing a mask, washing hands, protecting the eyes, etc)

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