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ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz | Ep. 1 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

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Episode one of the the Emmy Award winning series takes viewers into the lives and training camps of two world champions as they prepare to square off in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will meet in the main event of a Halloween thriller on Saturday, October 31 on SHOWTIME PPV..
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y is noone appreciating coach calvin.He dedicated his life for the younger generation.period.

by Akihito Achumi 17 hours ago

Man ain’t nothing like coming from the bottom & making it.

by Mr. Personality 18 hours ago

Man Leo can make a depressed man smile. Glad he's happy despite what he's going through with pops santa Cruz

by JacksonAndJackson LLC 18 hours ago

How can anyone not like Leo Santa Cruz? He's got an incredible amount of humility for someone with his achievements. I wish him all the best for this fight.

by TheHappySmiler 8 hours ago

The look on he's dad's face when he gave him the belt is priceless and proud

by Antonio Muñoz 19 hours ago

Well, in conclusion...they both deserve to be where they’re at and either of them winning the fight is okay. Good vibes to both.

by E. Von 18 hours ago

They both have great personalities, going to be a good fight. Floyd gets annoying rather hear Davis tell his own story.

by Gunbound Rev 20 hours ago

this gonna be a interesting but if tank catch cruz slippin, its over

by god 20 hours ago

Living for these boxing hype vids man.
We the fans are hungry!

by Mark Galvez 20 hours ago

These guys who have a father as a trainer is absolutely amazing and starting at such a young age is the key in any sport Davis has come from the other side 1 in a million crazy respect for him but remember they is always someone who is worse off than you GOD BLESS YOU ALL 😇

by Jamie Lee 14 hours ago

G is everything that AB could have been.

by Omer Mohammed 17 hours ago

Out of all the boxer's father's I love Jose Cruz the most simply because he's the most fly. Every time I see him he's dapper or has on some 24K gold pieces dripping from his neck. I want both fighters to win but that can't happen unless it ends in a draw. I'I'm happy that Leo finally got that bag and star-powered fight he needs to add to his great legacy but I think Tank is going to pull off a close 12 round victory but won't be surprised if Leo ends up winning.

by Quincy 18 hours ago

Davis punches like a mule and Santa Cruz is tough as nails & has a granite chin. This is gonna be a good fight!

by Flyguy 18 hours ago

Tank Davis is gonna have to prove himself on this one. This one will show weather he has that really real. Because Santa Cruz is that pro" that will give him that O" Fosho! Should be a great one.

by Ant Bro 18 hours ago

This is gonna be a hard fight to watch for me because I love gervonta but I love Leo too I love Leo humbleness and his family oriented persona The relationship that he has with his father is a breath of fresh air because that’s how I am with my dad he is my best friend(rip pops) and his nonstop volume will make you quit one of my favorite fighters of all time just a great dude and father and with tank I’ve been watching him since middle school was amazed with the speed and power when he was on PBC in the early days he was a city kid like me I could relate to him perfectly being straight out of Jersey City young hustler very humble and all around great guy and father this gonna be a good fight

by Charles Johnson 19 hours ago

Even when he's not the one fighting Floyd is still in the spotlight of these all access videos lol

by WISHY 21 hours ago

Everyone complaining about Floyd talking so much is almost the point. Love him or hate him, you care and pay attention which is the whole point. What gets more attention and reactions, Floyd being Floyd or Davis giving blah interviews? Exactly. Floyd is smart he knows Davis doesn’t really talk much so he’s making up for it.

by Shaun Mai 15 hours ago

Santa Cruz looks like a little Antonio Margarito. Same tight forward motion.

by Justin Lorenzo 19 hours ago

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