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Why Does Epic Games Give Away So Many Free Games?!

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At the end of 2019, Epic Games has given away 73 free games, each available for a one-two week period. A collective 200 million copies of those games have been claimed by customers. Since the Epic Games Store gets 12% of all sales on its store, why doesn't it want to SELL those games, rather than give them away for free?.
On this channel we review the free games from Epic each week, so we thought we'd take a step back and discuss the Epic strategy, how they've done so far, and whether this approach makes sense..
Let us know what you think, and if you'd like more videos like this!.
Info-graphic used in the video: https://gamedaily.biz/article/1502/epic-games-store-has-generated-680m-so-far-with-exclusives-being-critical-says-tim-sweeney

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And you also keep the game after the offer is over,unlikely PSPlus games...

Weird,but cool:)

by Gregory Dim 4 months ago

I claim them even if Iโ€™m not gonna play them

by whitebear 4 months ago

Who is here after knowing that gta 5 is on the list

by Sid Mhatre 5 months ago

They want to build a Player base, hence they are giving free games, so users have a few games on their Epic Games library.
Consumers will not promptly abandon Steam without a reason and migrate to Epic games, when they invested money and time building a library on Steam.
Epic games is using Exclusives and Free giveaways to attract new consumers.

by Gothic Warrior 4 months ago

I think they gave out assassinโ€™s creed syndicate to hook you on the assassins creed franchise, then give a sale on assassinโ€™s creed odyssey and origin.

by pacmac 6 months ago

They give away games mostly for promotion or for desperate games that need money from DLC, so GTA 6 may be announced sometime soon!

Also donโ€™t question my name I did this to trick my friends lmao

by Epic Games Giveaway Division 4 months ago

As far as I'm concerned, considering how many free games they have given me so far, I feel it's only fair that I buy games from their store to repay their kindness.

by WhitieWu 4 months ago

People might go back to steam once they stop giving free games .

by Demon X 4 months ago

Who cares about their own intent at this when you get those good games for free forever

by Th3 Crimson Gam3r 4 months ago

I wish I got the batman games and Alan wake. I only knew about epic games until I got GTA 5 free.

by Jonathan 1 month ago


for money

by Hello 4 months ago

I think epic games doesnt have so many games so they are giving away games so that more pepole switch to epic games so thats how they get more games to sell AND customers๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚
P.S. Nice Vid I liked taht

by FastFantastic_A 8 months ago

Who is here after knowing that ARK is on the list

by lolmet yuri 4 months ago

Sorry for bad english

My theory:

Epic Games is basically gathering more users and attracting more developers for the increasing number of users migrating to Epic Games. Epic Games is also gathering data and statistics (like user preferences) If you watch the rise and reign of Jeff Bezos it is similar to that.

by Earl 2 months ago

I'm finnaly repaying epic for the free games by buying a lot of games in the mega sale

by lguccii ttv 4 months ago

I love Kingdom Come Deliverance

by Crow N1nja 6 months ago

Epic Games want people to switch to Epic Game Store instead of Steam

by Mashiro Shiina 4 months ago

I guess they trying to do the "Word of Mouth" strategy without spending money but spend money on the free game giveaway.

by manash Jyoti das 5 months ago

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