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The MOST OFFICIAL 6'10 KEVIN DURANT Build In NBA 2K21 - PS5/Xbox Gameplay

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NBA 2K21 MyPlayer Builder Kevin Durant Attributes Test & Park Gameplay..
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ShakeDown2012 photo 1 The MOST OFFICIAL 6'10 KEVIN... ShakeDown2012 photo 2 The MOST OFFICIAL 6'10 KEVIN... ShakeDown2012 photo 3 The MOST OFFICIAL 6'10 KEVIN... ShakeDown2012 photo 4 The MOST OFFICIAL 6'10 KEVIN...

Shakedown would you consider doing a tracy mcgrady build ✊🏿💙

by Mosimiloluwa Adelaja 4 weeks ago

Can't beat a 6'10 KD Build!

by Dignify2K 4 weeks ago

This one ain’t accurate enough shake you gave him a haircut with his hair brushed! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m Jk nice upload shake 🤣🤣🤣🤣

by zMadaraUchiha 4 weeks ago

Shake I literally just noticed u got that 1.3Milly milly congrats bro I’ve been watching you since 2k14 days👏🏾👏🏾

by ItzJustRese - 4 weeks ago

When Shake's uploading a video, I'm out here rubbing my hands like birdman because I know it's gonna be fire 🔥

by Just An Odd, Fucking Extrovert 4 weeks ago

With everybody going smaller next gen a viable 6’10 build would be nasty

by theLYFETYE247 4 weeks ago

I’m a simple man I see an OP build in the making I click

by Blazer Plays 4 weeks ago

I literally made a similar Build before this was posted

by Ace Mantis 4 weeks ago

The face scan looks like Samuel L. Jackson hahah lmao but the player is DOPE!

by Nova2xD 4 weeks ago


(I don’t even have next gen lmao)

by Spice Boys 4 weeks ago

This nice build shake I just gave this build to my boy !!

by King Jordan 2k 4 weeks ago

Keep the series coming shakedown2012. Your videos are awesome and I like how you tried something different. Hopefully we get gameplay from this build. Keep grinding, staying safe and have fun

by Leo Fabre 4 weeks ago

Said the builds lights out n I saw 5/12 from 3 😭

by JuJu2ThaMoon 4 weeks ago

my 6’10 player back man thanks i hope we can run someday

by The best one 4 weeks ago

Everything’s a go sample in the background music I hear it salute

by TaShawn Arthur 4 weeks ago

Can you make this on the last gen version I have pc

by Dawson Messer 4 weeks ago

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