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Inter 2-1 Sassuolo | Lukaku and Martínez Secure Victory for Inter | Serie A TIM

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Goals from Lukaku and Martínez seccure Inter's win against Sassuolo | Serie A TIM
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Serie A photo 1 Inter 2-1 Sassuolo | Lukaku... Serie A photo 2 Inter 2-1 Sassuolo | Lukaku... Serie A photo 3 Inter 2-1 Sassuolo | Lukaku... Serie A photo 4 Inter 2-1 Sassuolo | Lukaku...

Lukaku is On another level. ❤️❤️

by Football Club 4 weeks ago

Superb Inter you guys have done a Brilliant job. ❤️❤️❤️

by Football Club 4 weeks ago

The chemistry between lukaku and Martinez is brilliant to see

by rdfgg gghvdf 4 weeks ago

As a non-serie A fan I'm just glad someone else rather than Juve will win the league. Both milan clubs are amazing atm.

by Poras Srivastava 4 weeks ago

Lautaro and Lukaku, 15 goals and 21 goals. Keep it up.

Forza Inter 💙🖤

by KIhairil Amirul Imran 4 weeks ago

Ashley young, Sanchez, Eriksen, Lukaku, Darmian all on their way to winning a Serie A. Conte went and scouted from the Prem

by Ebenezer Madu 4 weeks ago

that pass from lautaro tho 😍

by abadedo 4 weeks ago

Inter fans must build a statue for Lukaku in front of the stadium

by Yusuf kürekci 4 weeks ago

The Lukaku/Martinez duo has been on fire. 15 goals and 21 goals just masterclass right there both players have amazing chemistry and are on another level.

by Believe Games 4 weeks ago

The counter attack of Inter consists in Lukaku and Martínez going at full speed and assisting each other.

by Alan Astarloa 4 weeks ago

Forza inter from morocco 🇲🇦 🔵⚫🔝🔝

by Hicham Nuja 4 weeks ago

Haters : you don't have a first touch
Lukaku : in your face

by Vishwa Ramnarain 4 weeks ago

Gonna take a while to get used to seeing the new Inter badge on thumbnails

by NMZ 4 weeks ago

Lukaku was born to score goals. He makes it look so easy.

by Subhan Qureshi 4 weeks ago

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