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Inter 1-1 Juventus | Ronaldo Equaliser Denies Inter the Win | Serie A

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Cristiano Ronaldo's 600th career club goal came in the 62' minute to give Juventus the equaliser.
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Serie A photo 1 Inter 1-1 Juventus | Ronaldo... Serie A photo 2 Inter 1-1 Juventus | Ronaldo... Serie A photo 3 Inter 1-1 Juventus | Ronaldo... Serie A photo 4 Inter 1-1 Juventus | Ronaldo...

What I like about Seria A`s channel is that they upload highlights from
a match that happened on the same day

by Qaiser Raza 1 year ago

CR7 is such a decisive player... I think juve has become too dependent on him

by The Big Sad 1 year ago

Ronaldo is the best thing to have happened to Serie A in years

by Kingdom Deen 1 year ago

Radja's goal was incredible! Congratulations to both teams on the great match. 600 club goals for Ronaldo, the true GOAT

by The Big Sad 1 year ago

Cristiano Ronaldo.
600 club goals.
The man is a machine.

by Yusuf Chagtai 1 year ago

Two beautiful goals. Repsect

by saJms sJs 1 year ago

When there is a player ,who is only capable of such brilliance, it's normal to become dependent on him.thats why they are called legends.

by #nerves of steel 1 year ago

All are talking about Ronaldo's goal
I think they didn't see the naingoolain goals🤣🤣

by Lemon Thapa 1 year ago

Congrats to Ronaldo 🎊🎊🎊

by Dang Wow 1 year ago


by Zapata 1 year ago

Juventus needs a new manager and new players cause Ronaldo can't do it by himself

by lpedits 21 1 year ago

Ronaldo's gol----- The ball didn't touch the grass til was inside that was awesome.

by Jose dela cruz 1 year ago

Ronaldooo, like a rocket to the mars

by Haikal Hafiz 1 year ago

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