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how bts acts when no one is watching

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i literally just want to be their friend
in case people dont know when bts was promoting ON there were no audiences allowed with the whole situation going on right now so when they won they were still able to have their encore stage but no one was there to watch (except a few producers woooooooo thanks team for that one that was really nice) but anyway that didnt stop bts from being total weirdos on stage with no audience involved so that is how we got into this situation
hope you’re all having a nice time and i hope this video helps you get through whatever lockdown or quarantine or isolation situation you are in... we are all stuck together which is lowkey driving me insane like omg can i really survive with gaby and mia I dont know but i am doing my best that is for sure
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but as long as we have bts and each other what else do we need... dont forget to stream everything just all of it have it all be streaming
ANYWAY stay safe stay inside and wash your hands and abide by the covid-19 advice that the CDC and WHO are giving to people as seen here.
we got some more videos in mind so stay tuned but let us know what you want to see we are always open to ideas… we also have another podcast-style-like video coming soon so if you have any questions for us please let us know
im gonna leave you with advice from the CDC on taking care of yourself!!.
•There is currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
•The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus.
•The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person.
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hey yall so a lil explainer since ive seen some comments with people that are confused! bts had to perform in front of no audience because of precautions over the virus situation, so the people in the front row are staff ! also, those lil sandal things are acupuncture sandals they hurt like a btch tbh so the fact that they are dancing in them, bts kings. also these are all encore performances after they win on music shows...ok i think thats it lol bye !!

by seokjin myfeels 2 months ago

this just means bts are chaotic kings every second, i stan

by omuriceu 3 months ago

Others: you only like BTS because they're handsome
why i actually like bts:
Edit: the staff hyping them and cheering them on is so sweet and funny 🤣. thank you so much staff for taking our place to cheer for them while we aren't there 💜

by Hannah Sanihin 3 months ago

It breaks my heart to see no army during the most iconic and grand comeback ever. 2020, why you gotta be like that?

by anjali mishra 3 months ago

anyone else notice that they said "J-Hope" instead of "oh, woah"

by nuggetnougat 3 months ago

"this crowd be wildin"
was that supposed to make me laugh or cry because i'm doing both

by 95zPACIFIER 3 months ago

can we just talk about how jungkook bows so low to everyone when they win RESPECT

by oPpAr 3 months ago

“Expecto patronum”
“You’re a wizard harry”

LOL I’m dead

Completely off topic but like where do you get these clips I didn’t see this before

by Cami-chan’s Art 3 months ago

Others: you only like BTS cause they’re pretty

Me: I like them because they’re weird

by Mishal Zahid 3 months ago

The funniest thing is that there was no crowd lmao 😭 only the other idols and the crew who are hyping them up😂😂

by Melissa Morgan 3 months ago

When I read the title, the only thing I could think of was that one Airplane pt.2 stage where they didn't know their mics were on 😂😂

by Vanessa Evans 3 months ago

Homies was SUFFERING with no audience, and we thought they were a mess before, I-

by LetsSaboogi 3 months ago

i think RM doesnt forget his lyrics. He’s just out of tune bcoz they are not wearing their earpiece so they cant hear the music properly. Correct me if im wrong 😊

by Queen Bae 3 months ago

Can we like , talk about them taking off their shoes right then and there on stage ?😂

by Cute Ruri 3 months ago

"when no one is watching" meanwhile all the cameras are on them.

by Joan 3 months ago

"expecto patronum"
"ur a wizard harry"
"uh huh"

by Tinka 3 months ago

ilaughed so hard when

jungkook: whats that?
suga: looks
jungkook: hehe made you look.. you fool

by kaysha waysha 3 months ago

Jin: do the dance, u snakes😂😂😂😂

Jhope: I hate snakeu

by Saatvika Godihal 3 months ago

This video should have been named as ''Times BTS wasn't even surprised when they won awards''

by кαηυѕнα 3 months ago

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