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High Kill Solo Vs Squads Full Game (Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 PS4 Scuf Controller)

SENSEI photo 1 High Kill Solo Vs Squads... SENSEI photo 2 High Kill Solo Vs Squads... SENSEI photo 3 High Kill Solo Vs Squads... SENSEI photo 4 High Kill Solo Vs Squads...

This is why no one is never Landing at Authority.

by Gajci 4 weeks ago

Bruh your insane- thanos could never

by Hi Uwu Lmao 4 weeks ago

if someone kills me like that at the authority I’m quitting fortnite

by Kabza _08 4 weeks ago

Awesome video once again but does anyone else see the slurp truck just disappear at

by Sohil Nazim 4 weeks ago

Everytime when I see sensei play, I always know he is going to get victory royale.

by SILENT KILLER 3 weeks ago


by lolxmi _ 4 weeks ago

I was feeling his opponents anger when he was grappling out and using the chug over and over again

by TerminatorR13 3 weeks ago

Lmao rip dude at the beginning at of the vid

by JoshhYX 4 weeks ago

Anyone knows how to be pro like him?

by fortnite trn 4 weeks ago

Sensei in the building. Big fan of your content 🔥🎉

by Kjm0n3y Gaming 4 weeks ago


by kyle 4 weeks ago

oh god, how can we compete with this, I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS !! you are from another planet 👌👌👌⭐️⭐️⭐️🤟

by Camila Romero 1 week ago

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