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Umbrella Academy Season 2: The Swedes Explained

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The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is finally here on Netflix and fans no longer have to wait to spend more time with the wacky, superpowered Hargreeves family. This time around, the group has to stop another apocalypse, but as an added twist, now they’re in the 60s! This is truly a crazy season of television that improves upon the first in a lot of different ways. One fascinating new component has been the addition of the Swedes, a trio of mostly silent blonde brothers who are tasked by The Commission with hunting down the Hargreeves and eliminating them once and for all..
Although they don’t talk much, these new assassins leave quite an impression and provide even more of a threat than Hazel and Cha Cha did in the first season. Because of their quirky attitudes and ruthless work ethic, these three quickly became standouts to an already stellar season. But why are they so popular? Today’s video will be diving into all things Swede to fully explain where these assassins come from, what happened to them and whether or not they have a comic book origin..
So go ahead and check out this video to find out more about these cat-loving Swedes and whether they earned redemption at the end of the season. After you’re done, go ahead and leave a comment telling us which new character was your favorite in the Umbrella Academy season two and be sure to hit that subscribe button to bring Ben back to life. Let’s get into it!
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Edited by: Maxime T
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I loved the addition of the Swedes, I kind of wish they were a part of the comic book series though.

by Emma Rose 3 weeks ago

Funnily enough the actors who play “The swedes” are all canadian

by Timo 3 weeks ago

I felt sorry for them having 2 of them die and they showed that they cared about eachother

by sajed abu lileh 0sajed 3 weeks ago

I actually liked that they didn't speak at all! It made them more terrifying!

by iam_sherlocked 3 weeks ago

Idk why, but the last Swede brother's reaction when Destiny's Children pulled up and asked if he needs a ride actually made me laugh, even if he didn't say anything. It seemed to say "Welp, might as well" 😂 and I'm actually glad he at least starts a new chapter in his life.

by Krizia 3 weeks ago

I was so happy when the last Swede chose not to kill The umbrella academy and joined Klaus’ cult. To be honest, even though the Swedes got in the way of the Umbrella Academy, I really love them. They were cool, mysterious and so hilarious and powerful.

by Adrian Reynolds 3 weeks ago

My favourite characters are the swedes they are so cute in that one scene where they just clean up the house and take care of the cats

by Beamy Crane 3 weeks ago

Their swedish is so extremely bad its hard for a swede to understand that they're even talking swedish

by 星野 小春 3 weeks ago

I was laughing so hard at the sauna scene, the Swedish was terrible.. but five did great with the “öga för öga” line

by vadfinnsinte 3 weeks ago

triplets means they were born at the same time one looks like he's in his 50's another his 40's and the last in his 20 or a teen.

by VCMarilyn 3 weeks ago

As a Swede I must say that their accent is really funny, laughed so hard when they spoke! And don't even get me started on The handler.. she was even worse😂 Don't get me wrong, the swedish grammar is good, but the accent! Oh my!!😆

by Nathalie Bergström 3 weeks ago

They forgot to mention their mother, that Hazel and Cha Cha killed. On the 1st season with klaus and the sweden lady

by Jose Ramirez 3 weeks ago

i feel bad for axel, he obviously loved oscar and otto very much- they made their love for eachother prominent without it ever actually being said outloud and i love that. the only thing i would change about them is their bad swedish lmfao

by amour 3 weeks ago

i like how they had a story despite not talking and being villains who aren't even the real villains

by Lani Jones 3 weeks ago

The fact that they barely spoke was really terrifying even if they didnt were for me.

If you watched the Dark Season 3: The Unknowns were much more dangerous for me and scarier because the youngest one and the adult one looked scary as hell

But overall i liked them as terminator trio

by Elias Silver 3 weeks ago

I wish we were given a bit more backstory to them, little flashbacks of them bonding/playing so that we could've sympathized with them more

by Tristan Paguio 3 weeks ago

The swedes have ben my favorite villain group so far. Especially the milkman one, who stayed in costume for no reason for so long into his run on the show (since you know, he dies later).

by Giuseppe Chichizola 3 weeks ago

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