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Peter Schiff EXPOSES Janet Yellen

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Here is a video I did years ago when Janet Yellen was first nominated to be the next Chair at the Federal Reserve. In it, I explain how the government and financial media touted Yellen as the greatest economic forecaster of our time, who tried to warn everybody about the housing bubble, but lay out clear examples of why that is complete nonsense. Now, Janet Yellen is set to be the next Secretary of the Treasury. Of course, I actually was out there trying to warn everybody so maybe there's still a chance Biden will nominate me for the Fed.
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Schiff Clips photo 1 Peter Schiff EXPOSES Janet Yellen Schiff Clips photo 2 Peter Schiff EXPOSES Janet Yellen Schiff Clips photo 3 Peter Schiff EXPOSES Janet Yellen Schiff Clips photo 4 Peter Schiff EXPOSES Janet Yellen

Peter is the most accurately logical person I’ve heard.

by Nick 1 month ago

Peter Schiff for FED chairman.
Audit the FED, End the FED.

by Ron Helton 1 month ago

Peter Schiff: the KING of common sense.

by Cokie907 1 month ago

Yellen is going to lay the hammer down on Bitcoin in 2021.

by Kwame Brown 1 month ago

But, but , but...Janet said no more recessions in her lifetime ! Surely we don’t need to worry about anything?

by Panzer Valkyrie 1 month ago

If you haven't watched any of Peter's testimony before Congress, you have to check it out. It's amazing how dumb they are. He is trying to explain Grade 3-level math to them and they just can't get it. Priceless!!

by wtf_ usa 1 month ago

Wish I could go back to when this aired, with everything I know:/

by IGGY Faux 1 month ago

Bring back live podcasts with some Q&As! It really adds a new dynamic that keeps things fresh.

Maybe even open an email address specifically to receive the best questions in advance to make it easier.

by S&W M19 1 month ago

Watching Peter's clips from the past is too real. Kinda painful to watch it come to fruition.

by Caturday Night 4 weeks ago

I'm glad you do this stuff Peter, but pointing out how full of ** people are never seems to make them not full of **

by Adam White 1 month ago

The peter schiff addiction ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

by alex lewis 1 month ago

Bring the Schiff report back..

by Charthers 1 month ago

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