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poki exposed my secret girlfriend in a presentation ... | Jackbox Party Pack

OfflineTV goes back to school to hold presentations infront of the class ... but the topics are randomly chosen by the others while the talkers have no idea what's going on.... Talking Point is Jackbox's new game mode!
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scarra photo 1 poki exposed my secret girlfriend... scarra photo 2 poki exposed my secret girlfriend... scarra photo 3 poki exposed my secret girlfriend... scarra photo 4 poki exposed my secret girlfriend...

"You can have one, you can have two, you can have the whole lot! It's granny's for gamers" I'm dead 😂😂

by Simplistic Coffee 3 months ago

Lily simps for Michael like she breathes air and I respect that

by nay ana 3 months ago

'How to survive Yvonne's attack.' Goes on a rant over how she threw a egg and it blew up like a nuke, set someone on fire, and murdered someone with a axe... And that's how you survive Yvonne's attacks

by Seraphina 3 months ago

How could no one use "I found God and he is a tier 3 poki sub" when it came from the shakespeare of our generation

by MrDerrick0727 3 months ago

I wouldn't call Michael Reeves as "The Shakespeare" of our time but I think hes more of a "Jimmy Neutron"

by uh bruh 3 months ago

Scarra's girlfriend is the robotdog confirmed

by Gustavo Watari 3 months ago

"He literally dabs with his words, he speaks in cursed images."

This sounds like a snippet from a deep shitpost in tumblr HAHAHA!

by Mick Jaer 3 months ago

i wonder why Yvonne always get the higher score despite always do the least engagement on everyone else's speech lmao

by Akhmad Jazuli 3 months ago

I think Greaseball's presentation would be the greatest presentation of the whole jackbox's history

by Chicken Guardian 3 months ago

dang im early. i love jackbox games videos so much

by lily -_- 3 months ago

This gamemode is straight up highschool presentations for me

by BalzyR 3 months ago

Poki's choice of images were actually pretty solid during scarra's turn

by Moses Racal 4 weeks ago

"I actually love the comment section"
That's the first time that phrase has ever been said on YouTube

by Keanine 3 months ago

Ngl Otv has been a delight, the perfect gift for this perfect year, this includes the everyone they hang out with

by Marvin animates 3 months ago

I was just watching the video and laughing, but when I finally heard I Don't Know How But They Found Me playing in the background about 20 minutes in, I was vibing.

by Matthew Wolfgang 3 months ago

"kongoruuratulations: scarra your name was part of the winning speech so your basically first"

by Hoplixx omg 3 months ago

Scoring kinda sucks it's almost exactly correlated with length.

by Imperator 3 months ago

I hope you're having a nice day, Scarra!

by Evil Parabola 3 months ago

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