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"The Day Beyoncé Turned Black" - SNL

#racism #single ladies #racist #Entertainment
It's the day white people never saw coming: when Beyoncé turned black. [Season 41, 2016]
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Should we tell them about Oprah

by Hi im Anna 1 years ago

“What about the pink panther movie”
“Ok she was white in that”
I’m dying

by The White Parade 6 months ago

“There are black people all over the world. That guy’s black.”
“...well...I know he’s black.”
God, I love Vanessa’s facial expressions. 😂😂

by Manda Leigh 4 months ago

"She's on ABC" is the best line from this entire sketch.

by Teeveepicksures 1 months ago

The fact that her name is "Karen" makes this more hilarious.

by JDT 1 months ago

“I don’t understand how can they be black they’re women..”
“I think they might be both”

by Elizabeth 1 months ago

Beyonce just released “Black Parade” and the response was the same as the day she released “Formation” so I just had to get back to this and watch it again LOL

by Maria Clara Antunes Alves 1 months ago

"Maybe this song isn't for us"
"But usually everything is"

by city town 7 months ago

It's June 2020, and this sketch is STILL funny. (And perhaps more meaningful than ever as it shows us how white people sometimes look at black people).

by Silver Ranger 1 months ago

"to white people, it was just ANOTHER great week"

that's deep

by Miko Philo 3 months ago

Beyonce had to play the game to get her fame and success. Once her platform was established, she began to use it to say what really matters. In showbusiness, it's a long road to ethnic individuality, but she did it!

by Native Eastender 1 months ago

this video is perfect for people who believe that racism doesn't exist

by Sparsh Garg 1 months ago

I'd really like to know who wrote this sketch, it's so good on so many levels.

by NDrockingIt 7 months ago

"Ashley? Honey? What are you listening to?"
"The new Beyonce song, I really like it."
"Oh, God."
"Your black too..."
"Care, that is my daughter! Your daughter is over on the bed. Remember, you invited us for a play date. "
"Oh, that's right, thank God."
"Thank God, really?

I died!

by Cookie Cake 5 months ago

After "Black is king" if someone is still in doubt...

by Elen Martins 3 days ago

This for those 'I don't see colour' people. 😄

by Leeh King 4 months ago

Don't let them watch Blackish or they might lose what's left of their minds..

by Nightbird 1 months ago

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