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[ENDED]Wargame Red Dragon is Free Right Now - Grab it Quickly! [Epic Games Store]

#budget #directx #900p #rx 580 #Gaming
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Santiago Santiago. photo 1 [ENDED]Wargame Red Dragon is Free... Santiago Santiago. photo 2 [ENDED]Wargame Red Dragon is Free... Santiago Santiago. photo 3 [ENDED]Wargame Red Dragon is Free... Santiago Santiago. photo 4 [ENDED]Wargame Red Dragon is Free...

Thanks for the reminder 👍

by festive 1 month ago

Actually I was thinking to play this game a few nights ago

by Harry Torpedos 1 month ago

This game has also free DLC on the Epic Store.

by Uranium 1 month ago

Hecho, Santiago. Saludos.

by Yo 1 month ago

Thanks for always letting us know about free games. I found a few favorites!

by Catzor 1 month ago

Straight to the point, really great 👍

by M.S. Malick 1 month ago

Like others have said, go to the store page to get the rest of the free DLC.

by Patch Gatsby 1 month ago

Mañana que juego vas a probar?

Por cierto hola y gracias por la noticia!

by Panulu 1 month ago

Thx man i got used to free games from epic that i dont even remember they are every week.

by Mark 13 1 month ago

How to install addons? It says that I owned addons but I don't see them. I don't have Russian roulette 10v10 map but I've downloaded it. Please help.

by Adi Grizić 1 month ago

Santiago qué combo de cpu-mother barato/decente me recomendas para mi setup? Tengo una 750ti, 8gb de ram, y una fuente Thermaltake de 500W, soy de Argentina por si acaso, gracias!

by Valentín Gomez 1 month ago

Hey man I seriously need help I built my brand new PC and immediately noticed this issue the anti alising was bad and texture shimmers in witcher 3 and ac oddysey Is blurry even on 1080p and both games have bad draw distance and lod distance. the image of ac is not sharp too even on ultra settings
And textures are very bad
I even tested a 1060 but no fixes
I think this is happening with every game on my pc

I have a zotac 1050ti
16 gigs ram
500w psu
1080p 75 hz monitor
Pls pls say if u have same issue while testing games and maybe if u have fix


by Gg Gg 1 month ago

I need help it wont run it says its running nothing Is happening anyone same shit?

by NiGhTaiL 1 month ago

Thank you

by Zlix 1 month ago

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