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5 Min of Streamers Hating Last of Us II

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The guy who cut up the disc just looked so sad, apparently his father had recently died and he was playing it around Fathers Day, he wasnโ€™t even overly angry he just looked tired

by LOSEER ALEEERT 1 month ago

This feels like Naruto episode 160 a random guy comes and kills sasuke with a slingshot pebble xd

by cheerful human X-D 3 weeks ago

I would rather play as Joel before the apocalypse working a nine-to-five job boring shitt over playing as Abby

by jackoholics 3 weeks ago

It legit just fucking annoys me that Joel and Tommy, men that committed horrific deeds and who know people could always be after them, would go into a house full of strangers, into a small room with six or seven people who they've never met before, who they are armed and dangerous, and give their real names.

This is Joel we're talking about, not some shit for brains side character, possibly the most paranoid man on the side of America next to Bill, and Tommy, former firefly, guerilla warfare fighter and literal community leader, two people who would be smart enough to not put themselves in that situation.

This game was an insult both to its predecessor and to its fans, and literally fuck anyone who had anything to do with the script and didn't say "Uhhh, Neil, buddy, I dunno if this makes sense there pal." Fuck them and their careers.

Kudos to the VAs, level designers, coders etc however, you all did great, sweethearts. Pretty tight gameplay.

by Cian Hassett 4 weeks ago

Tyler1 is right. They shouldโ€™ve killed Joel in a more heroic way like Arthur Morgan. They both deserve better.

by michelle martinez 1 month ago

Abby: *talking about yara and lev* โ€œthey saved my lifeโ€
Also Abby: *kills Joel after he saves her life*
visual confusion

by [ chimxchimm ] 3 weeks ago

Tommy killing manny was one of the best scenes ever

by zihyad gaming 2 weeks ago

Neil Druckmann: "I'm gonna make a game about revenge and hatred"

Reality: Litteraly made everyone hated him and the game.

by aimar ramadhan 1 month ago

If TLOU2 has taught me anything, it's that revenge is bad.

Unless you're Abby, then feel free to bash a man's skull in for saving you.

by Coolpool 785 3 weeks ago

Abby: kills Joel
Ellie: let's her live

Manny: spits on Joel's corpse
Tommy: blows his damn brains out

by Force_Of_HABIT 1 month ago

Neil is one of those people who find the Disney's Star Wars Trilogy plot twists to be amazing

by Jarule Door 1 month ago

The Last Of Us 2? Im still waiting for that game

by Fx JJ 1 month ago

We were all expecting Joel to die but literally we would've wanted to at least see him go out in combat, helping Ellie or even just dying of old age but nooo the devs just liked their lips and said "Golf"

by Natepp 1 month ago

i cant believe there's people out there who defend this...disaster. i mean, for the love of god this game is a damn war crime

by COREDUBSTER 1 week ago

You know itโ€™s hella bad when TYLER 1 makes more sense then a AAA studio.

by r/wooosh 1 month ago

When Joel died i was like.. My God, Ned Stark all over again.. At least they didn't make Ellie see his head in a spike though..

by Henrique Alves 1 week ago

Short summary of TLOU 2:

Joel dies and nothing else happens afterwards.

roll credits

by Shay Star 3 weeks ago

"I don't want to know her backstory." I felt that. It's like if walking dead spent many episodes soley on Negan's backstory after brutally murdering dear characters. They didn't do it because it's common sense, it's bad pacing and bad writing.

by maeve99 3 weeks ago

It reminded me when Lee died in front of Clementine, but his death was more meaningful than Joel's
Idk I havent played the whole game yet .

by Ikno 3 1 month ago

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