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How to Cook the Best Ribeye Steak | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

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A boneless ribeye - in a cast iron pan - on the grill. Perfectly cooked (and Kelly's favorite) steak.
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...Forgot to mention the ridiculous butter cream sauce that we made to go on top. Holy S&*%.
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SAM THE COOKING GUY photo 1 How to Cook the Best... SAM THE COOKING GUY photo 2 How to Cook the Best... SAM THE COOKING GUY photo 3 How to Cook the Best... SAM THE COOKING GUY photo 4 How to Cook the Best...

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by SAM THE COOKING GUY 1 years ago

So you made your wife's favorite steak, and she wasn't even home?! 😂

by Connor Boyce 1 years ago

This guy's outdoor set up is AMAZING.

by Redrum 1 years ago

Is this the guy from the Verizon/Sprint commercials

by B Gonzalez 1 years ago

he really reminds me of david Wallace from the office when he got fired lmao

by kobe navarro 11 months ago

Amazon frequently bought together: Zyliss Garlic Press, Kewpie Mayo, Instant Read Thermometer. I hope you are reaping royalties, Sam. lol.

by Das Sein 1 years ago

Just found these videos the other day and loving them!

Can't decide between this and the blue cheese butter w/caramelised onions for the lady and I tomorrow!? Either way thank you!!

by Kian Gharchedaghi 1 years ago

I just want to say thank you, cooked my first ribeye on the grill and it came out perfect. I’m 15 btw

by sean oneil 1 months ago

My mouth is watering, thumbs up! Can’t wait to get my new knife from ya! I love to cook, I have to say you want to Inspire me so much.

by Tom Campanale 4 months ago

Hahaha what a character! Loved watching this. Steak was to ‘alive’ for me, however that’s just my personal preference. I can appreciate that Sam cooked it to his liking.

by Natalie Baptista 7 months ago

Omg!!! Sam- I replicated this for my husband (w a bone in ribeye) and it was amaaaaaazing. That sauce is boss!!!

by ucAntRoKmE 3 weeks ago

I can't believe you didn't put the juice that came out of the resting steak in the sauce. Now That's flavour!

by Mark Riley 1 years ago

Great video... Goes without saying though, with a steak this good, you dont need a sauce.

by Joshua Gibson 1 years ago

good job showing the temp of the pan. Most videos just say "make sure your pan is really really hot".

by John Collins 1 years ago

"I can hear the comments now, it's raw"

It's not raw, it's perfect!

by Eugene Jonker 1 years ago

That's how I eat my stakes, med, hot pink center and you did one heck of a great job cooking that stake. And the sauce looked out of this world. Thank you for your great work and great video. God Bless you and your family.

by verlon bowden 9 months ago

Is there anything more sensual then a well prepared steak? I'm going to my butcher in the morning. I "will" have this steak! Thanks

by EarlWallaceNYC 2 months ago

Add the steak’s resting juices to the sauce and you’re golden!

by Saifuu 1 years ago

That family heirloom 100 year old cast iron pan is EVERYTHING

by SHURLOKKE 1 years ago

I made this for my family who visited my for the weekend and I made it on my stove top and oven and they loved it so thank you do much. I loved it and my family did too.

by DarkPanda Studios 6 months ago

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