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SAINt JHN - Who Do You Blame (Ghetto Lenny One Takes)

SAINt JHN photo 1 SAINt JHN - Who Do... SAINt JHN photo 2 SAINt JHN - Who Do... SAINt JHN photo 3 SAINt JHN - Who Do... SAINt JHN photo 4 SAINt JHN - Who Do...

Nobody gonna talk about how fire this mans jacket is...

by josh w 1 year ago

I like his friend with the bat,his energy seems like he’s his best friend

by Maiya Hira 1 year ago

Bro I just discovered saint jhn, my new favorite artist.

by ramp622 10 months ago

This is the kind of music that flows through your entire body and makes you so happy you could cry

by lil fruit loop 7 months ago

This dude is chill, I met him while I drove him for Uber in LA,

by Jon Ram 1 year ago

i think I'm obsessed w this song
can't stop playing this ever since it came on my recommendations and now cant stop playing whenever I see it on my feed

by naph 1 year ago

Just had a 7 year relationship end and you have no clue how much your music speaks to me on an emotional level and idgaf who acknowledges this comment I just hope you know your music has helped me through so much and I just wanted to say thank you. Stay safe bro and keep going, I've been following you for a grip but like i can
honestly open up n say thank you.

by [email protected] aka Doctor At K3 6 months ago

The way he does -
"I'm single I'm faithful, I'm young and I'm able"

by Sir Salad Bushed 5 months ago

I’ve been a fan of SAINt JHN for 2 years and watching his progress and I’m telling u guys

by Niko 1 year ago

Bull with the bat is goat. Thats the type of energy I need when im doin shit

by Sheba Lathoria 2 weeks ago

“All that we needed was trust, I said enough is enough “

by Haley Liberty 5 months ago

My partner asked me to play this song about 9 times on his big speakers, I know the neighbours hate us anyway 🤣😂🤦🏻‍♀️

by dee k 10 months ago

Жак Энтони блять. Прошелся с пацанами и думает что это клип

by STAR MONEY 1 year ago

This dude is the future. Too Talented and Underrated!

by Chosen 1 10 months ago

I got chill on my scalp when he says "Lamborghini from a bus"....i was homeless at one point and now i own a house and a car of my own

by Mathieu Frizell 6 months ago

The teeny-tiny connection uniformly matter because typhoon timely drop outside a small maria. momentous, direful humidity

by Sheila Sheila 1 week ago

so the way they achived this slowmotion type effect is that he sang the song twice as fast and slowed it down back to normal

by merlagne 3 months ago

SAINt JHN on his way to being a goat, so glad I found this dude.

by SmxkingAlone Beats 1 year ago

2019 has been a year of finding great fucking artists for me. 😌😌😌😍🤩

by Hardik Arora 1 year ago

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