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Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal!

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Ryland Adams photo 1 Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal! Ryland Adams photo 2 Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal! Ryland Adams photo 3 Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal! Ryland Adams photo 4 Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal!

Kind of freaks me out at how quiet Shane is while filming this lol

by Tiara Sosa 2 weeks ago

the tension in that kitchen is asssstronomical

by cira byrne 2 weeks ago

I'm sorry but Shane not laughing the entire video makes this whole thing super super awkward

by Ella Sarti 1 week ago

Shane is extremely quiet in this video. Extremely.

by Melody 1 week ago

The fact that Andrew isn't laughing every 5 seconds doesn't sit right with me.

by Denisa Carmen 2 weeks ago

Just making sure nobody’s hating on Ryland for Shane’s actions... 👀

by car_mahon 2 weeks ago

am i the only one who understands why shane isn’t talking? he’s already under the microscope and if he came off as light-hearted in the video, he’d get crucified for it

by Cossette 2 weeks ago

The way shane is just detached and silent is uncomfortable and odd

by Kelsey Kleynenberg 1 week ago

Oh, he isn’t wearing his ring

It’s because he’s cooking

.... but he wore it in the last cooking video, so there gotta be a problem between him and Shane, right?

Most likely, no. He just learned that cooking with his ring on gets messy and he might damage it.

See? No tea here

by Astrid 1 week ago

LILIES ARE VERY POISONOUS TO CATS!!!! PLEASE throw them out or absolutely make sure Cheeto doesn’t get on the table island anywhere near them! 90% of cats don’t survive even just touching them! The pollen and entire flower is extremely toxic to cats!!!!!!

by cheyenne hall 2 weeks ago

Everyone in the comments: “Just making sure people aren’t hating on Ryland for Shane’s actions”
Me: “WheRe 👀”

by That_One 3 days ago

Ryland is such a pure soul please nobody attack him for Shane’s stupid actions.🥺

by VibrantVampire0 2 weeks ago

Okay... This video is really weird. Shane is NOT acting like himself. He doesn't laugh once, even when Ryland and Morgan are making jokes. They claim that Shane is the one filming but Shane can be seen sitting sitting at the counter all moody. He doesn't even react when Cheetoh jumps on the counter and starts eating food while Ryland and Morgan are screaming.
is literally creepy how they act like the one holding the camera is shane but it might not be? The only thing I can guess is that they lied about social distancing and didn't want to look bad.

by Sage Merric 2 weeks ago

Ryland didn't do anything wrong here, don't be bringing Shanes past and putting it on Ryland, you don't take the actions of one and force the consequences onto another person, it's not right.

by Michael Baron 2 weeks ago

ryland: “cooking my sisters favorite meal” morgan: has never tried it before

by taylor mcmahon 2 weeks ago

Y’all are upset about shane not laughing and then you also cancel him? Make up your minds...

by Fan 1 day ago

Where is ryland wedding ring :O and why was shane quiet.. wtf

by Chan's World 2 weeks ago

Damn, not even a single giggle from Shane. Someone is in a bad mood.

by Alunood Almehairi 2 weeks ago

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