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KINGDOM!!! We're playing at 3pm TODAY!!! Here is the DISCORD link
Copy and paste and I'll see you at 3pm. ((3pm MY TIME))
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Ryan The Gawd photo 1 **DISCORD TODAY** Ryan The Gawd photo 2 **DISCORD TODAY** Ryan The Gawd photo 3 **DISCORD TODAY** Ryan The Gawd photo 4 **DISCORD TODAY**

you are slowly becoming my most favorite youtube creator, your videos are just so funny and entertaining.

by Quee Nie 3 months ago

people who joined are lucky I couldn't join :C

by Bruv Master 3 months ago

I donโ€™t have among us but I will be watching

by Elias Khan 3 months ago

Lets gooo lol among us discord nani lol let the chaos begin

by Ricardo Dasilva 3 months ago

Bro waiting for the giveaways ๐ŸŽฎ

by Manny Melech 3 months ago


by Mr_ Adi 3 months ago

aye my boiiiiiiiii whats up tell me about your day

by XUknowngamer _YT 3 months ago

So excited I really hope I get to play

by Quinn Johnson 3 months ago

Are you saying the people you already picked join or are you saying everybody can join and whoever is there at 3 can play?

by Kirbopuff 3 months ago

Please put a update video on how to enter ps5 Giveaway ??

by CHARLIE'S GAMING 3 months ago

Iโ€™ve seen your post on Instagram and I was wondering how to win ps4/Xbox 1 bc I have never had a gaming console before

by Andrew Harris 3 months ago

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