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MasterChef UK | The Professionals | Final episode | Chef Santosh Shah |

Dear Chef Santosh Shah Your are so inspire Chef . World learning Nepali Cuisine from you. Best wishes in your life ..
Full Episode : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4YAqW-pEpM

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If Santosh opened his nepalese restaurant, I definitely would pay a visit when I’m in UK, and looking forward to it.

by Katharine YQ Jin 1 month ago

This is what always happens in the end .. look at American idol .. arthur won the runner up position . And here santosh as well . They won’t let outlanders won the title .. no worries .. he already won thousands of heart 💜 ... gold bless you brother love much from nepal

by Blind Faith 1 month ago

He educated us about our food in ways we couldn't have known. Respect.

by MrBadapau 1 month ago

This explains the saying "Chance payo bhane Nepali le garcha" or "If given the chance a Nepali can do it"

by Adriza Aryal 4 weeks ago

Santosh is the real hero for Nepal and Nepalese, he already wins Nepalese heart

by Panjula Lama 1 month ago

Santosh - full of liveliness, passionate, confident, full of stories and most of all, he loves his country.
Always wonderful to watch him cooking and telling stories.

by Roshan Thapa 1 month ago

the most imp thing is he's so dedicated so innocent, he isn't arrogant ❤

by NIBA SHRESTHA 1 month ago

U even can't imagine santosh sirr how much u r being love and praise in Nepal 🇳🇵. Lots of love and support from Nepal 🇳🇵

by bishwas budhathoki 1 month ago

So glad to see him presenting our nation worldwide...🙏

by Rima Sharma 3 days ago

He is so adorable 😍!! Santosh you are a winner

by Shristi Thapa 1 month ago

Most importantly Santosh seems be a genuine , humble guy... who’s proud of us Nepal and has made Nepal proud of him..

by Green Gurl 1 month ago

Love and respect for santosh Shah from USA 🇺🇸.

by Lakpa Sherpa 1 month ago

Santosh is so talented yet so humble. I would love to try his food. He really has shown a different picture of Nepali food.

by Karmel Connections 1 month ago

They didn't even talk about chyang The rice drink

by RAPTIC 19 1 month ago

Santosh bhai, to be in the finalists is not an easy task. You are really a winner and a hero of Nepal

by jesley emmanuel 1 month ago

Santosh is an artistic Chef . Dinning in his restaurant is now dream of many ❤️

by Sandeep Gurung 5 days ago

I absolutely love how the UK makes their movies and series. So on point, good use of music and on point, always. 🌼

by CoSmic Muse 1 month ago

YOU are already a winner sir...PROUD TO BE NEPALI...

by Milan Lama 1 month ago

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