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The outsiders....We got 2 more of us in the back seat...well pity the back seat

The outsiders greaser vs socie. Classic S.E Hinton and some pretty terrible acting.
Who you calling Bum, pal?

Rowan B photo 1 The outsiders....We got 2 more... Rowan B photo 2 The outsiders....We got 2 more... Rowan B photo 3 The outsiders....We got 2 more... Rowan B photo 4 The outsiders....We got 2 more...

Two Bit’s bottle thing with Pony is lowkey the greatest 😂

by sam 3 years ago

I love how Two-Bit is in a gang but he wears a Mickey Mouse muscle shirt!!!!!!!!

by Coverella 4 years ago

Cherry: I hate fights! I hate em!
ME: GOD DAMMIT CHERRY, you ruin everything....

by Katie Brubaker 3 years ago

I replayed Two Bit's bottle thing like 50 times lol

by Julia Nicole 4 years ago

lol Ponyboy had his hands up before two bits smash the bottle he knew what was up

by Darrian 5 years ago

"Well, pity the back."

Looks like he couldn't hold his two-bits!

by Sonali Aheer 4 years ago

The way Johnny looked at bob's rings tho😭

by Grace Weir 4 years ago

who else loves how johnny looks away as they're about to go at it he's just so pure n sweet n adorable

by olivia smith 3 years ago

Ponyboy grabs that bottle like a boss😂

by Brad Sasser 4 years ago

two bit wildin' lol always liked that part breaks the bottle, pitches it to pony and pulls out the butterfly knife fast and with style

by JonnyBGood 4 years ago

Who you callin bums pal?😂

by Kurra X 5 years ago

look at Johnny towards the end. poor Johnny ☹

by J. G. 3 years ago

Best 2 punch lines
Who you calling bums pal
Pitty in the back seat

by Josh Lafleur 5 years ago

Two-Bits bottle knife thing was so cleannn

by Jago 3 years ago

Lief Garret does a pretty good job of acting drunk and belligerent, but maybe he wasn't acting...too bad he held on to the bottle and to the drugs. He was a really good looking guy who had a lot of potential.

by jokerswildio 2 years ago

I love Emilio Estevez he's a great actor.. I love how he sounds when he yells sounds intense, real quick..

by Michael Chacon 3 years ago

Johnny was such a sweetheart

by J H 4 years ago

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