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RWBY Volume 8 Teaser | Rooster Teeth Trailers

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The Relic? Gone. Atlas? On the brink. And Salem? She’s real. And she’s here.
Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang and the rest of our heroes find themselves trapped. On one side, they’re fugitives and former allies are now enemies. On the other, Grimm. Salem and her forces are on Atlas’s doorstep and if Atlas falls, the rest of the world won’t be long after. The battle draws near and it’ll take a united front if there’s any hope of victory, but that’s easier said than done when united is something Remnant has never been.
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*prays that Emerald gets the lamp because she's Aladdin

by AnniMu 1 month ago

lol salem needs ozpins iphone password

by Stargamer509 1 month ago

The only one that can stop Salem is the shop keeper.

by Argenis Raul 1 month ago

"I honestly expected things to go a lot rougher" -Qrow Branwen

by I'mStrange 1 month ago

Oh good they tweaked Weiss’s braid

by Luhan Yang 1 month ago

did anyone see ironwood got new hand just now in trailer

by Gamer Iza 1 month ago

I have a bad feeling about this. This season can't possibly end well.

by Ben Keesee 1 month ago

Ruby new Season: I got new hair
Blake new Season: Same
Weiss new Season: Sup
Yang: uhm did I missd Something?

by Lil Zira 1 month ago

So, just to recap: Fall Maiden? Cinder. Where is she? Gone rogue and trying to claim the other maiden's power without Salem holding her leash. Spring Maiden? Raven Branwen. Were is she? In Patch, most likely with Taiyang. Who knows when (or if) she'll come into play again. Winter Maiden? Penny. She may be humanity's last hope given the current circumstances. Summer Maiden? Who knows who and where she is, but I suspect we'll have to wait another volume before that's revealed.

I'm hoping that they can drive Salem off, but I also suspect things are going to get worse before they get better.

by Ian Brennan 1 month ago

I have a feeling there will be a hint that there is a way to defeat Salem.
Jinn did say to Ozpin when he asked how can he defeat her and her response was, "You can't."
But here's the thing: I believe that there was a loophole in that question.
He asked how can "HE" defeat Salem and her answer could mean that Ozpin can't defeat her because he doesn't have the ability to do so.
He didn't ask "Is there a way to defeat Salem?"
Cause I bet he did there would be an answer.

by PandoraGamezz 1 month ago


by Sparky 1 month ago

That Grimm is either gunna look for Oscar’s or Ruby’s scent

by Kilimanjalvaro 4 weeks ago

Did anyone see that Ironwood is speaking with winter while the ace ops looks at clovers body?

by Jonathan Gordon 1 month ago

Whatever Team RWBY has planned to stop Salem and her forces,they better figure it out...FAST!

by Jason Harris 1 month ago

You know whats make me excited about the new RWBY 8?

we get to see Qrow V.S Ironwood fight ...

i've always wanted to see that...IF that happens , who knows?

by MMD Mar lai 1 month ago

“ we know what you’re capable of
the lamp showed us ”

Ruby really put her foot in it when she revealed that, now Salem’s gonna be hard targeting her this season

by Hydro 1 month ago

I have a strange suspicion Oscar is going to play a bigger role in this volume.

by Avram Bryant 1 month ago

Please let this be a good volume... PLEASE.

by F r e i d a 1 month ago

Me: rewatches trailer multiple times to make a good analysis on what might happen

by ALMiibo 1 month ago

First off: Nora spittin facts
Second: the way that the trailer is edited implies Penny is humanity's last hope and I LOVE THAT
Also: just thinking about the position rwby+ornj+q are in rn stresses me the f out

by boombadabing 1 month ago

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