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Ron Suno feat. DDG - Wraith (Official Music Video)

#Wraith #Ron Suno x DDG #DDG Wraith #pontiacmadeddg #Music
Official Music Video for "Wraith" by Ron Suno featuring DDG..
"Wraith" Out Now on all platforms: https://unitedmasters.com/m/wraithftddg
Shot by IMG Films: rximg zionmejia2 theofficialimg
Mixed & Mastered by lileddmusic
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#RonSuno #DDG #Wraith

#ron suno video #DDG music #Pontiac Made DDG #DDG #ddg video #swag like mike ron suno #Ron Suno Wraith #Ron Suno

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Remember they used to make fun of us 🗣💯💯💯

by DDG 1 month ago

DDG: “Told her I love her but it was a prank”


by T swagz 1 month ago

DDG is the only rapper from YouTube I can call a normal rapper instead of a YouTube rapper.

by JaySmitty RI 1 month ago

Ron suno voice sound like he was born to rap 😂

by Just Reacts Ent 1 month ago

When the thug makes a school project with the populair guy

by NeheHD 1 month ago

Ddg said “ I told her I love her buh it was a prank”😭😭

by KJ G 1 month ago

DDG hella good at rapping now

by Johannn 1 month ago

If Ron suno gets on lyrical Lemonade his rap career will be guaranteed and unstoppable

by Feargod 23 4 weeks ago

Who do you think killed the song
Like - DDG
Comment - Ron Suno

Do both if you can't decide

by ACB 1 month ago

Him and pop smoke would of made a Classic no 🧢

by Der Woo 1 month ago

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I'm not gonna ask you to sub but if you could i would appreciate it

by JayFrmCT 1 month ago

Why DDG always snappin in everyone song like that 😂😂 let em shine dawg

by ACB 1 month ago

DDG is not for the drill scene but still fire

by Kevin Moore 4 weeks ago

Nah this is shocking ddg just destroyed this beat 😂🤦‍♂️

by sparto1011 1 month ago

Not going to lie ddg killed this

by Alex Abreu 4 weeks ago

Ddg: “Told her it was a prank”. Ddg Music fans: “thats cold😂❄️”. Ddg YT fans: “OMG DDG😍😍 THATS SO FIREEE💦🍆🤤” *blocka blocka*

by T.A Gamer 1 month ago

Told her I love her but it was a prank yea ddg we know ! 🤣

by KELLOG ‘SS 3 weeks ago

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