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Rod Wave - Girl Of My Dreams (Official Music Video)

#hunger games #ptsd #kevin gates #ghetto gospel #Music
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#rodwave #girlofmydreams #pray4love
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Directed by Brett Arndt

#hunger games 3 #rod wave

RodWave photo 1 Rod Wave - Girl Of... RodWave photo 2 Rod Wave - Girl Of... RodWave photo 3 Rod Wave - Girl Of... RodWave photo 4 Rod Wave - Girl Of...

Rod wave is such a refreshing artist to see today,no drama,no flashy ness for the camera,no clout chasing,he simply has a voice of gold (He posted this on his ig story) thanks ppl

by Tony Ramirez 3 months ago

One Random person who likes this will be rich in 2 years.

by 987k views 1 month ago

I hope whoever reading this becomes successful one day, stay focused.

by Swish KTV 1 month ago

Who else is happily single and rod wave got you in your feelings

(Thx for 1k likes)

by Itzz Tii 1 month ago

Dude got vocals drop a like if you agree

by Real_Deal1219 1 month ago

He’s the only rapper that gets me without knowing me😭( Thank y’all for 1.7k likes❤️ I’m low key waiting for Rod to pin this comment 😭)

by Penelope 3 months ago

who tf hurt rod wave for him to make song like this i mean i fw him but like damn

by Josiah Atk_Monkey 1 month ago

Like if Rod Wave tha Goat🖤

by LuvMani - 1 month ago

This hits different when nobody likes you and u sing this to yourself pretending your speaking to your crush💔😭

by OhPexFN 1 month ago

ඇය තීරු පේළිය මැද පිහිටි හතරැස් කණුව දෙසට නැඹුරු වූ අතර එය ටෙරස් සිට කාමරය බෙදූ අතර හිම වැටෙන දුර දෙස බැලුවාය

by Janel Lindsey 1 week ago

Rod wave will have u missing ya ex that don’t even exist

by Canon Perkins 3 months ago

My ex and I just had our closure and this song was quoted. Now I'm sitting here just listening and crying. Love is a hell of a drug.

by Helen Cano 3 weeks ago

I miss this girl. 8 years, 2 children, and 0 hopes of getting her back. Girl of my dreams..

by NeSxH3ro 1 day ago

9k comments if you find mine you’re a legend 😏.

by yungbrat.p 1 month ago

I can't believe that he is this famous I saw him in clearwater in a store in he was in highschool now he will have his time to shine

by Lititia Warner 1 month ago

Don’t lie who’s been a fan of RodWave before 2020?☃️

(ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪT̶ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙ𝘚 ᴛᴏ me)🦋

by 1 sub before 2021? 3 months ago

the 6.5k people who disliked his vid have trash taste in music. rodwave is a king..

by A.drxanna 1 month ago

me first day: its ok.
me second day :cool .
me third day; u look like the girl of my dreams!!!
like if this u

by Brittany Kelley 1 month ago

I don't need another broken heart or a sleepless night💔😴

by Jadyn Pinder 5 hours ago

when she bad but you know she out of your league and she toxic in relationships😔😭

by Adarius Gibson 1 month ago

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