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Roddy Ricch - The Box [Official Music Video]

Roddy Ricch photo 1 Roddy Ricch - The Box... Roddy Ricch photo 2 Roddy Ricch - The Box... Roddy Ricch photo 3 Roddy Ricch - The Box... Roddy Ricch photo 4 Roddy Ricch - The Box...

Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial

by Roddy Ricch 5 months ago

Roddy Ricch: gets number 1 trending

Mr beast: pizza time

by captain skittle 5 months ago

Imagine him actually being elected as President.

by Bro Annoying 2 days ago

Roddy fans: don't care.
Non car guys: ohh he pushed the nitrous button.
Car guys: pausing the video if he pushed the button, laughing he pushed the start button to saying he pushed the nitrous button haaaaa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

by Tom GG 1 day ago

This is what I imagine when looking at raindrops go down my window.

by ChunkymilkYT 2 days ago

This song you can never get bored of you can lLISTEN any time.

by Salman Hashi 2 days ago

Producer 1: let’s do street racing Producer 2: let’s do a basketball game Producer 3: let’s have him robing a bank Roddy Ricch: Yes

by Justin Costaro 4 months ago

Moment of silence for the people that searched "ee ur ee ur" and found this!

by Kumari Raskoti 3 days ago

Me: I'm gonna be the best basketball player!!

Also me: I suck tho

My imagination:

by ChillFacePlayz 2 days ago

Don’t the box sound like chill rap music?

Like if you agree or reply

by iSweat20 - 1 day ago

He's talking about being 2020 president candidate..young kanye😂😂

by scall green 1 day ago

my grandma every time I go to her house

by Mikaela Raika 5 months ago

The dislikes are from the people who lost the basketball game

by Frantic 4 days ago

As he added all his childhood dream, he should have also added saving his school from terrorists

by Alies Gautam 3 days ago

The dislike are from kanye west family because roddy is elected president

by fari 71 19 hours ago

This guy knows his theory man.. not everyone can write those melodies and rhythms

by OangeWaffle43 4 days ago

This entire video is how everyone's dreams look. Then you wake up and it's a Monday morning.

by Tyterra 1 5 months ago

Roddy:I'm a 2020 president candidate

Kanye west:bet

by R0M3S 1 day ago

What Do you prefer Yummy: comments. The box : like

by Aladou Snick 2 days ago

i literally type "pull the hold damm seal"just to find the song

by Raz Tp 2 days ago

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