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#rifty fortnite

Rifty photo 1 THE DOOMSDAY EVENT in Fortnite... Rifty photo 2 THE DOOMSDAY EVENT in Fortnite... Rifty photo 3 THE DOOMSDAY EVENT in Fortnite... Rifty photo 4 THE DOOMSDAY EVENT in Fortnite...


by Rifty 3 months ago

Battle royal ppl: OMG JONESY IS SPEAKING
Save the world fans : First time huh

by DR1PC1TY 19 3 months ago

fortnite really made us think the event ended early lmao

by Zach Miller 3 months ago

imagine if they added a diving suit and you take less damage in the storm Edit: it was a good idea but the tsunami is gone so yeah....

by ใƒƒGalaxy 3 months ago

When the agency blew up it looked like he walked out of the bathroom not knowing what happened

by Nightshadow 12 3 months ago

event happens:
Epic: yeah, so we just changed the storm.

Everyone: "content"

by Iker Silva 3 months ago

bruh there is no more heal offs, you canโ€™t do anything in the storm now

by Texas Tye 3 months ago

The water wall is scary everytime i turn around and see it chasing me i freak out

by Jer. remy 3 months ago

Fortnite: we valted the storm and replaced with a tusinami

by md kolil 3 months ago

It couldโ€™ve been that the flashbacks were actually transporting the characters from Fortnite into real life and the place that were at was Epic Games

by idk_anymore_ k 3 months ago

My parents when I ride my bike for two seconds without me falling over.

by Fin Harrison 3 months ago

I have a theory: Fortnite is a simulation, as mentioned, the "loop". The "loop" is referring to the matches. Example; we play, we win or die, we queue for a next game, vise versa. Midas built the Doomsday Device (with the Engineer's help) to escape Fortnite and get into reality. When we were in the office, we could see a computer (owned by Jonesey) showing the Device/the current match. Midas' device failed (I think), but almost worked. So every time we had one of those things, we were in reality for a few moments. That's when Jonesey was talking on the phone. He was talking about the storm going crazy (Midas' doing). He was confused and stressed. When he went into the office, he saw us. He was very confused and that's why he asked if we could hear him. I don't know for sure if Midas' plan worked. Also, when we had that strange purple effect around us, we were able to float for a few brief moments. Every few seconds we would fall a little and the glow would disappear. When that happened, the ball that the Device was forming disappeared but a second later it came back on (as the effect). So that's all I have to say! Let me know what you guys think!

Edit: Why did I write this lmao

by Keith Kogane 3 months ago

I was stuck inside the orb for the whole event

by DJ Ozzky 3 months ago

Day 7 of wanting Epic Games to put this clan picture as a varient of Fishstick.

by Tendo Bro 3 months ago

Everyone who only plays BR: OmG ThAtS JoNsEyS VoIcE

Save the world players: So, this is your first rodeo

by Flxckz _ 3 months ago

Nothing happened for me. I just sat there and listened to the alarm

by Sticky Licky 3 months ago

This is saying that fortnite is a simulation cause if you look at the computer in the office it shows them watching the event and those flashbacks were us fazing in and out of it

by Mental unstable child Yeet 3 months ago

The only thing that ruined this event was the miscommunication on when you had to join. They cut us off 35 mins before when they said 30

by Tomatech 3 months ago

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