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So I Triggered my Girlfriend's Fortnite Live Stream...

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So I Triggered my Girlfriend's Fortnite Live Stream...
In today's vid I controlled what my girlfriend did on her fortnite livestream!
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So I Triggered my Girlfriend's Fortnite Live Stream...

#rifty #rifty fortnite #fortnite live #trigger livestream #troll livestream #fortnite #live fortnite #trolling

Rifty photo 1 So I Triggered my Girlfriend's... Rifty photo 2 So I Triggered my Girlfriend's... Rifty photo 3 So I Triggered my Girlfriend's... Rifty photo 4 So I Triggered my Girlfriend's...

petition for rifty to bring back โ€œmy favorite comments from last videoโ€ day 4

by Gabriel Perez 3 months ago

Imagine trying to scare your girlfriend and she just pulls out a gun

by CometGaming 3 months ago

Rifty:(misses shot) YouTube:age restricted

by Spexz bEaSt 3 months ago

โ€œThere way too nice to her broโ€ itโ€™s kinda called simping

by Denver Brill 3 months ago

Everyone should appreciate rifty and his daily uploads for 33 days

by meme boi 3 months ago

anyone see that ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿคฎ

by Savages 3 months ago

Fun fact: 99% of u yawned on this video

by Dirz x19 3 months ago

Rifty: Hits 1.420

All of his subscribers: I raised that boy...

by Ryan Mitchell 3 months ago

my fatass after overeating taco bell

by Jurassicnerd 3 months ago

itโ€™s ancient art unique to our culture, itโ€™s called simping.

by Daggerjagger 3 months ago

this guy looks exactly like Cole sprouse with long hair and even has the name cole

by Clay 3 months ago

rifty finally used the sound effect ๐Ÿ˜Œ

by Source 2k 3 months ago

and you still havenโ€™t broken the everyday upload

by makayla mullinsss 3 months ago

He was talking fast.
And i just realized that the speed was 1.50x

by Destroit [GD] 3 months ago

I love when someone in beccas stream said yaassss cole through it back......

by spice water 3 months ago

Rifty: You guys are so positive to becca

Me: ... S I M P S

by illusixnn 3 months ago

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