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So I triggered my fortnite live stream... 4

#So I triggered my fortnite live stream again #fortnite videos #fortnite live #fortnite cursed #Gaming
So I triggered my fortnite live stream... 4
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So I triggered my fortnite live stream... 4

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Rifty photo 1 So I triggered my fortnite... Rifty photo 2 So I triggered my fortnite... Rifty photo 3 So I triggered my fortnite... Rifty photo 4 So I triggered my fortnite...

reply to my comment if you watched the livestream! lol

also here's my second channel!

by Rifty 6 months ago

is what the first tree in ur mincraft world saw

by Miles Bond 6 months ago

I got so scared I literally thought I was getting robbed

by FAizAaN ? 6 months ago

I actually thought someone was knocking on my window lol

by Kryptonite 4 months ago

I seriously thought the discord one was true, only cuz I just got a discord message from my friend xd

by zoieใƒ„ 5 months ago

It is weird that I genuinely liked this camera angle

by JaxonTee 6 months ago

, when my parents arenโ€™t home

by V I B E S 6 months ago

Rifty where are you, did the random chimp event destroy you

by Ziggy Piggy 6 months ago

Iโ€™m falling and I canโ€™t get up

by Hydra Plays 6 months ago


by Mikelis 5 months ago

Who else got the crap ๐Ÿ’ฉ scared out of them when yโ€™all hey heard that knocking I thought someone was at my window a 1 Oโ€™clock am it was so realistic

by stkfrie 26 6 months ago

When you played the window knocking sound I think you saved my life. There was a strange person looking in at me.

by Motorcross Xbox 3 months ago

That moment when you were there and you were very worried

by Reverse_ Panda YT 6 months ago

he has weed on the background

by KS jesus 4 months ago

I thought the knock was coming from beside me because I am wearing headphones and then I thought there was a person stalking me xD

by Graph Dimensions 6 months ago

I have surround sound headphones and the knocks felt SOOO REAL

by pinkoPenguin7 4 months ago

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