so i ranked every fortnite event

rifty photo 1 so i ranked every fortnite... rifty photo 2 so i ranked every fortnite... rifty photo 3 so i ranked every fortnite... rifty photo 4 so i ranked every fortnite...

i really don't want to do a video ranking every fortnite skin pls god

by Rifty 6 months ago

i remember the day after the butterfly event and my brother said he was gonna get high so he could do the event irl

by xd_shadow 6 months ago

We all know we want, “dAiLy UpLoAd 69”

by JullianHD 6 months ago

I remember i didnt know the rocket event had happened and was playing on my friends laptop and i saw the rift and thought i had smashed his laptop and i was crying and crap cos i thought i would have to get him a new one and i didnt have any pocket money left....

by Raffatron 6 months ago

Did anyone else notice that the “Meteor event clip” was from Chapter 2 season 3 marauders

by Matthew Coffey 6 months ago

I just love how I've missed every tier S event

by Danny D Lol 6 months ago

"Im addicted to buying mice"
The famous quote before got scared to death

by Alvin Chen 6 months ago

for season 3 he was looking at the marauders pod instead of the actual season 3 (chapter 1) meteors lmao.

by Dhruv Arora 6 months ago

They should’ve gotten tfue to voice jonesy and when he sees the player just say yoooooooooooo

by William Hough 6 months ago

"It was down for a day or so" lol more like 3

by Squintzi 6 months ago

The doomsday event “it’s not game changing” but when the next season came

by njmachuca123 6 months ago

When you look at the number of people when Kevin started exploding event at the end :?/

by Newbies 6 months ago

5 hours, pffft that’s child’s play. I sat there 11 freaking hours! And on my switch too because I didn’t have a pc at the time. I wasted so much time lol!

by Zachary Martinez 6 months ago

'Ranking every skin" *the Smith plays has entered the chat *

by OatyBiscuit 6 months ago

"this is like something you would see in creative destruction lol"

by dubsflick 6 months ago

When rifty’s goal is to reach 69 daily uploads, but skips 69 then goes to 70.

by 1x1x1x1friendsad 6 months ago

“Like a turd in the toi-“ xbox game pass ad

by Joseph Nguyen 6 months ago

I remember I was in playground mode building a big castle on loot lake when Kevin broke our build and made it a bouncy lake xD how lucky I saw it

by CutieFishy 6 months ago

Me just vibing with the Luigi's mansion music in the background

by LIDonHaX 6 months ago

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