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reacting to fortnite tiktoks, but I try not to laugh... (VERY HARD)

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Reacting to fortnite tik toks, BUT I TRY NOT TO LAUGH...
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reacting to fortnite tiktoks, but I try not to laugh... (VERY HARD)

#fortnite battle royale #fortnite rifty #rifty

Rifty photo 1 reacting to fortnite tiktoks, but... Rifty photo 2 reacting to fortnite tiktoks, but... Rifty photo 3 reacting to fortnite tiktoks, but... Rifty photo 4 reacting to fortnite tiktoks, but...

nick if u watchin this u sus

by Rifty 4 months ago

is when the video starts if anyoneโ€™s wondering

by TTV reavenn 3 months ago

after this video i could never stop saying โ€œwhoa whoa whoa you got to much dip on ur chipโ€

by zayda 3 weeks ago

the music goes so well with the clip ๐Ÿ˜‚

by InfinitePlayz 3 months ago

"Yo im inside of Travis Scott"๐Ÿคฃ

by Ali Kavazovic 4 months ago

would be 100x more funnier if he pasted that anime girl sneeze sound

by Tanya Jackdaw 4 months ago

he hasnโ€™t even bought anything off the item shop and says he has every cosmetic

by MiniMind9 2 months ago

this clip perfectly describes my accuracy with shotguns

by istoleababycandy 2 months ago

Rifty: โ€œI love it when babyโ€™s fallโ€
Me: โ€œtfโ€

by SH On Mobile 4 months ago

thatโ€™s actually buddyโ€™s setup with his sunny dโ€™s and caprisuns

by BigGamae 552 4 months ago

his name is TheDramaticPause. He has a twitch called TheDramaticPause, and also a youtube called TheDramaticPause

by Whirlzz 3 months ago

i love it when my car turns into a fidget spinner after human contact

by Sam Janes 3 months ago

i lost it at the Sea of Theives Music lmaooo

by ScytheZ 4 months ago

Day 6 of asking Rifty to change his fortnite username to โ€œRifty is a qtโ€

by Kele 4 months ago

me: Being too much of a nice guy to get girls and knowing theyre my only way to be sexually and emotionally satisfied

my thoughts when i see the rubber chicken sucking those fingers:
"there is another"

by CageBird 4 months ago

dude we need a trap remix of this

by [ Caliico ] 3 months ago

Youtube: deleting Rifty's tik tok videos
Rifty: but whyy
Youtube: it's not because of copyright tik tok... its child abuse.

by Alex Ferzli 4 months ago

"When you're home alone and someone broke your window use a rift to go "
-Big brain

by Chxrming 4 months ago

Rifty: Tyron in the hood
Also Rifty (the whitest dude on earth)

by Zeke Tashman 4 months ago

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