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My New Cat RUINED my Fortnite Livestream...

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I just adopted a new Cat and decided to stream some fortnite with him!
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My New Cat RUINED my Fortnite Livestream...

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Rifty photo 1 My New Cat RUINED my... Rifty photo 2 My New Cat RUINED my... Rifty photo 3 My New Cat RUINED my... Rifty photo 4 My New Cat RUINED my...

Imagine if the cat took a fat crap on the green screen

by Drunk Caprisun 8 months ago

Rifty: gets a cat

Me: letโ€™s go

Also rifty with the cat: GET YOUR ASS OUT OF MY FACE

by Corrupt Batcat 8 months ago

Rifty: I will stream on YouTube now
Also rifty: I will go back to twitch

by Oshn_frost 8 months ago

fortnite: tries hard to give YouTube creators content

rifty: * C A T time*

by Paul Christiansen 8 months ago

Moose wasn't playing, he was training his skills so he could enroll for the Russian mafia, obviously.

by LewiBlitz YT 8 months ago

I was in the stream and moose was hilarious

by DraggoPlayz 8 months ago

You say your IQ is above a Twitch streamer yet your streaming on twitch๐Ÿค”

by Summit 8 months ago

Feel my pain my cat gets onto my computer when im trying to play a game

by Starryx 8 months ago

This just in: Rifty messed with him and he done got scratched

by icyfireball100 8 months ago

I was on the stream for like 5 minutes straight and didnโ€™t notice the cat ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Calix James 8 months ago

people:*hates that fortnite have a pump the 1 shots people*

epic: *added charge shoty*

people:*I HATE THIS GUN*

by Swety defautl 6 months ago

I'm gonna go live on it today!

by Rifty 8 months ago

Me when I saw the thumbnail: DON'T PULL AN ALLINITY

by CrumblingNote 8 months ago

Rifty Gets a kid
Rifty:We shold call him Lug nut

by XharisX 93 8 months ago

everybody gangsta till moose tears up the green screen

by Fe4Rlezz cz 8 months ago

Alternative title: oversized rat nicknamed โ€œlug nutโ€ destroys all of its surroundings.

by JuiceTanityFail s 8 months ago

i've had a cat for 10 years. i understand your pain

by theFurret 8 months ago

Rifty: Iโ€™m youโ€™re uncle donโ€™t you remember son?
Me: wut?

by TitanSlayer9895 8 months ago

Gotta love the rdr2 hillbilly soundtrack

by MIDNIGHT ZLM 8 months ago

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