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life portrayed by fortnite

#life portrayed by fortnite #life portrayed by #fortnite battle royale #fortnite memes #Gaming
life portrayed by fortnite
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idea ripped off from the legend spifey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9HHH5IdV7E
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About Playtime Club TV, Welcome to Playtime Club TV Channel. Our little one loves entertaining and educational videos and this inspired us to make this channel for children..
Our videos are for every little one who would love to learn with fun. We will cover numbers, shapes, alphabet and much more. We will also do toy reviews, open surprise eggs, play with balloons and bubbles. Here will be a selection of nursery rhymes and songs, informative and interesting videos about various animals and play-doh.
life portrayed by fortnite

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like the video for part 2 <3

by Rifty 9 months ago


by Brady 9 months ago

Hitting on your girlfriend:

Wheres aim assist when you need it.

by Bel1eve 6 months ago

How the frick did you convince becca to do this like: hey becca help me out with a video we have to frick in fortnite okay?

by Pong Krell 3 months ago

โ€œGive me your heals big daddyโ€
Best line of 2020 rn

by MexicanDunker 9 months ago

becca:gimme those heals big daddy

Cole:no I need to heal myself ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by mighty081event the god 6 months ago

weโ€™re gonna buy everything including death

by Sebastian Allen 6 months ago

This right here is where my life started

After that I was born and my dad thought it was a freak accident on the highway

by GHOSTXRAGE 6 months ago

The fact that drift learned how to watch ninja before writing and understood is unnaturally hilarious

by Kaotic YT 2 weeks ago

Rifty: Notices heโ€™s 7k away from 1 mil
Also Rifty: Aight imma head out

by DarcyIsLame 9 months ago

I like how โ€œyour wife getting ligmaโ€ is a common life event

by Torin Friedrichs 3 months ago

Getting your drivers lisence

(F L Y I N G C A R)

by CyberTilted 4 months ago

"EYahhahu" dog vs. lightsaber. The grave: the lightsaber won rip

by Samara York 2 days ago

Here are all the timestamps from Parents meeting to Death.

Parents meeting:
Parents making you:
Chilling in the womb:
Being born:
Learning to crawl:
Your first steps:
Learning to swim:
Saying first words:
Falling asleep on the couch:
Watching your favorite Fortnite streamer:
Learning to write:
Doing drugs:
Fishing with dad:
Getting your divers license:
Stalking your crush:
School lunchtable:
Trying to make new friends:
Hitting on your crush:
Feeding your dog:
Punishing your dog:
Putting down your dog:
Getting your first job:
Getting your first paycheck:
Bad relationships:
Graduating highschool:
Going to college:
Moving out:
Applying for your dream job:
Meeting wife:
Weak pullout game:
Having a kid:
Midlife crisis:
Paying taxes:
Your wife gets ligma:

by Timothy VanHorn 3 months ago

my dog die and
am crying he die
when it was Monday

by Maria Herrera 1 month ago

Ah, i remember as i got YEET ed in the sea before i dont even sayed my first words. I actually remember...

by Szilvia Nator 5 months ago

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