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If I Die, I play a NEW Battle Royale Game...

#battle royale #fortnite #fortnite battle royale #fortnite live #Gaming
If I Die, I play a NEW Battle Royale Game...
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If I Die, I play a NEW Battle Royale Game...

#apex #live fortnite #modern warfare #rifty fortnite #fortnite rifty

Rifty photo 1 If I Die, I play... Rifty photo 2 If I Die, I play... Rifty photo 3 If I Die, I play... Rifty photo 4 If I Die, I play...


by Rifty 2 months ago

I love how he is playing br games but his background music is animal crossing music

by SphereX 2 months ago

Teacher: what does the dog say?
Class: Woof
Teacher: Good, now what does the goat say?
Class: Bรชรชรช
Teacher: Very good, now what does the young child comment?
Class: FiRsT

by Luca Delanoe 2 months ago

Right: calls the r-99 shitty
Literally everyone who has ever touched apex: are you sure about that?

by True king Icy 2 months ago

Rifty: ThIs ThInG HaS a TiNy MaG
Me: Dats what she said

by Bryan Keddie 2 months ago

Rifty: "the worst game was apex"
me who still plays it: visible sadness

by Ray14 2 months ago

let me explain how the matchmaking works.
when you create an account you immediately get placed at noob lobbies which contain players from level 1 all the way up to the highest level if your kd is less than 0.5.
You will be in these lobbies no matter how good you are until level 13.
You are level 30+. which means:
rifty has 0.5 kd on apex LMAO

by sadisyourlife 2 months ago

if anybody wanted to know what the last game was called

by What Is Up 2 months ago

for all you thirsties that wanna see it that bad look on the right lmao

by Cameron Playfair 2 months ago

I love the fact that I can finally watch rifty everyday

by Chopocomp 2 months ago

Rifty: You look like a double wide suprize
Me: You'r hurting me wabbit

by OVO Chedda 2 months ago

Not a single soul:
Rifty:r-99 iS sO bAd AnD sHiTtY

by Mohamed Yasser 2 months ago

- "You dare challenge me!! My years of watching censored hentai is finally coming to use!"

(this was just for laughs btw)

by ItzCh1pzbtw 2 months ago

Rifty playing Warzone: imma be a pancake

by Magical Cakes 2 months ago

Hey early gang, letโ€™s take some time together before the bots who say โ€œWhoโ€™s been a fan of rifty before 2020โ€ come. Here take a cookie before you go ๐Ÿช. Now, prepare for the bots and 9 year olds who scream first come. Bye

by Elijah M 2 months ago

โ€œI think she just threw a rockโ€ lmao

by Bowler 2 months ago

never use the r-99 that far dude
Up close that gun shreds

by Terminati 76 2 months ago

Riftys face at 6 seconds is me when I here that my dad just got done making mash potatoes XD.

by Wendy Swanson 1 month ago

When rifty realizes the title "The video ends when I get a when" is to original

by T_ erro 2 months ago

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