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If I Die, I play a Different Fortnite RIPOFF...

#fortnite #rip off #fortnite rifty #fortnite battle royale #Gaming
If I Die, I play a NEW Fortnite RIPOFF...
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#fortnite #rifty #epicpartner
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#rifty #fortnite ripoff

Rifty photo 1 If I Die, I play... Rifty photo 2 If I Die, I play... Rifty photo 3 If I Die, I play... Rifty photo 4 If I Die, I play...

use code rifty <3 i'm trying to buy gummy bears

by Rifty 1 month ago

I swear Riftyโ€™s hair is going to get so long one day that he can use it as a rope to swing from trees

by I am Fish 1 month ago

Me: looking in the comments for a funny comment:
Literally everyone: fishtick icon

by Zachary Waters 1 month ago

All the 7 years olds when their mums tell them they canโ€™t play Fortnite.

by Pizza XBL 1 month ago

Me: looks at comments
Also me: FisHStiCk wItH nO BRaIn

by Cindy Moore 1 month ago

The hammer from creative destruction: PICK UP THE RIFLE

by fate sam 1 month ago

Everybody letโ€™s get to the dank number daily upload number 69

by DaBunny 1 month ago

โ€œAnD iF yOu ReFeR tO a FrIeNd YoU cAn EaRn 20 DOLLAS!โ€

by ISaidSit 1 month ago

The first clone is when I played a solo and killed everyone

by FineGaming 1 month ago

I donโ€™t think when anybody does this challenge they actually win the first game of Fortnite. but what if they do?

by Loaf Uploadz 1 month ago

That bruh moment when you hover over the like button for when he says โ€œgogogogogoโ€

by Just Clover 1 month ago

Everybody gangster until xue hua paio paio man pulls up

by Lasse Rasmussen 1 month ago

Who unlikes and then waits for the go so you can like
"Imagine this in his next video"

by Deadpool93e 1 month ago

The way the characters bald head looks in Strucid just makes me die from laughter inside

by Benjamin Castano 1 month ago

Notice how everybody has the same pic XD

by fishy boi 1 month ago

That's Master Jiraiya's theme. The "YOOOOOOOooo".

by Ino Yamanaka 1 month ago

the amount of Nintendo music he uses as background music is honestly beautiful

by Jaden Above 1 month ago

well actually it was and that was his "destroyer" going through dat wall ๐Ÿคช

by Elizabeth Gribbins 5 days ago

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